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Spring Floors

  • We are proud to offer one of the finest products in gym flooring available in the US. All your concerns have been addressed in creating this state-of-the-art floor.
  • Responsive - Many years of experience and feedback from coaches and tumblers have led us to the optimal materials to produce a floor that is fast and responsive for tumblers of all sizes. Panel thicknesses provide the proper balance for lively, reactive spring engagement.
  • Durable - We use high quality 3/8" (or 9mm) Baltic Birch on both the lower and upper plywood layers. The Baltic Birch is one of the strongest plywoods in the world and provides a much longer life for your floor than a pine plywood or OSB. The wood is the most important variable in the engagement of the springs and therefore the responsiveness of your floor.
  • Easy to install - We have made it so simple to install, you will be amazed at how quickly you can install your floor. We sell our floors as Assembled Spring Floors, which means that the American Power Springs are already fully mounted to the lower sections of decking and the velcro is already applied to all the panels. All you need to do is lay them down and cover with the foam/carpet product of your choice.
  • Warranty - The plywood panels are covered by a limited 5-year warranty from warping or breaking under normal use (cheer, gymnastics, martial arts and aerobics) in a climate controlled area. For more detail, go here.
  • Fast Turnaround - We can ship most floors or tumble strips in just a few days. This can vary slightly at peak times, but we consistently have the quickest lead times in the industry -- without sacrificing great care for quality.
  • Price - Add to this great pricing and the choice is clear!

With the still soaring cost of Baltic Birch plywood, it is difficult to post Assembled Spring Floor costs, currently. We suggest you Request a Delivered Cost by clicking the box at the right to receive a price for your specific size.


Request a delivered price!


5 Year Warranty  

Why American Gyms Floors are the best on the market today.

Panels arrive with the American Power Springs already mounted and velcro applied.
> The floor comes ready to lay directly into place.
> No tools are necessary - well, maybe some snips to cut the bands on the skid and remove the stretch wrap.
> We use 4" Velcro (not 2") for optimal attachment.
> All boards come cut to size, velcroed and well marked for assembly ease.
> Your crew can take the boards from the skids and have it ready to perform in just minutes.
> We can provide ANY SIZE of floor (to the nearest whole foot). This type of flooring is our specialty, not a sideline.
> We custom-make our skids to fit the 5' x 5' board size to assure stability and therefore a more secure transit.

We will be glad to provide you with a delivered price for your floor. Just give us the size you need along with your city and zip code and we will calculate your delivered cost. We will be glad to quote the foam, carpet or Carpet Bonded Foam also, if needed.

Spring Floor Skids

Let us know what you'd like!


Request a delivered price


Or just give us a call at 859-881-0018. We are always eager to discuss our floors!

A word about converting your floor to a larger size:

If you are adding to an existing spring floor (or connecting two floors to each other), you will need to let us know when you request pricing. We would need to know the existing size and the finished size that you desire, to be able to provide a finished contiguous floor. It takes more or larger boards to accomplish this (tying the new and existing together), so the floor will respond uniformly. Since additional springs and boards are required, it costs somewhat more. We may need to ask a series of other questions to be sure our flooring will be compatible with your existing floor. (If we provided the original floor, it will certainly be compatible.)

Here is a 25' x 25' floor going together:

Floor AssemblyTAG Floor Height

The above portrays the assembly process for a 10' x 10' floor, but the process is the same for all sizes. You would just have more panels. Start in one corner and work toward the opposite corner.

There are several products that will enhance the safety and appearance of your floor.
Vinyl Floor Skirting is one of the most popular ways to dress up your floor.

Vinyl Floor Skirting

Available in Royal Blue, Light Blue,
Black, Red, Green, Bright Green,
Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink,
Turquoise and Gray.

> You can purchase Vinyl Floor Skirting - here.

If you have a Martial Arts floor, we have another option, as hook/loop options may not work without carpeting. Not only will this option keep your Tatami Mats secured, but it also provides a clear and visible transition. Additionally, it is aesthetically pleasing and creates a sharp 'high-end' look because it hides the springs and plywood from view.
Martial Arts Spring Floor Edging
Martial Arts Spring Floor Edging

Carpet Bonded Foam and Flexi-Rolls

Spring Floors 101
What You Need to Know

American Power Springs

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