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Border Options

If you already own or are getting a new spring floor, you may wish to dress it up a bit by applying some kind of border. Borders provide a more attractive floor as well as an extra measure of safety. They also make the floor quieter while preventing objects from rolling under the floor and dust-bunny habitats.

Vinyl Floor Skirting -- The least expensive way to go about dressing up the floor is Vinyl Floor Skirting. This product is 9" wide vinyl that velcros to the Carpet Bonded Foam (or Flexi-Roll) and hangs to the floor. This is available in a variety of colors (see right). Great for all sizes of spring floors and tumble strips. These are priced at $4.30 per linear foot. You can purchase this in custom lengths also (to nearest whole foot). The standard sizes are priced below (The prices below include regular UPS shipping inside the continental US - lower 48 states.)
Skirting for your Spring Floor:

FS-142 One 42 linear feet strip $216
FS-154 One 54 linear feet strip $265
FS-160 One 60 linear feet strip $296
FS642 Skirting for full perimeter of a 6' x 42' floor $455
FS1242 Skirting for full perimeter of a 12' x 42' floor $511
FS1842 Skirting for full perimeter of a 18' x 42' floor $571
FS2442 Skirting for full perimeter of a 24' x 42' floor $628
FS3042 Skirting for full perimeter of a 30' x 42' floor $685
FS3642 Skirting for full perimeter of a 36' x 42' floor $741
FS4040 Skirting for full perimeter of a 40' x 40' floor $763
FS4242 Skirting for full perimeter of a 42' x 42' floor $802
FS4248 Skirting for full perimeter of a 42' x 48' floor $859
FS4254 Skirting for full perimeter of a 42' x 54' floor $915

You can purchase Vinyl Floor Skirting - here.

Skirting for Rod Floors is also available at $4.50 per linear foot plus shipping. (It is a 13" skirt.) Again, prices here include shipping inside lower 48 states.

  • 40' Rod Floor(two 40' strips) -- $400
  • 60' Rod Floor (two 60' strips) -- $615
  • 84' Rod Floor (two 84' strips) -- $825

These usually take around 2-3 weeks to ship. You may not need to skirt your entire floor depending on where it is (against a wall, etc). Just let us know the linear feet you would need.

Vinyl Floor Skirting

Available in the colors below:
Vinyl Colors

FYI: When installing a skirt, pull the skirt VERY taut every few feet when attaching. The skirt can stretch to become several inches longer than the length ordered! On the other hand, if installed loosely (without pulling taut) it could be shorter than what is needed. You may need to pull tighter or looser for the skirt to be the exact length required for your floor.

Angled Carpet Bonded Border System - The next step up offers a much sharper look along with being a safer system. This angles from the spring floor height down to the sub-floor height (extending 16" from the spring floor). Only available in Dark Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black, Light Gray, Charcoal Gray and Teal. Connecting velcro is included. Pricing differs depending on the height of the Carpet Bonded Foam on your floor. These normally take about 3 weeks to ship. (The following prices do not include shipping.) If you would like your border to extend further out, just ask. Request a price.

  • 12' x 42' -- w/ 1 3/8" -- $1,250
  • 12' x 42' -- w/ 2" -- $1,385
  • 42' x 42' -- w/ 1 3/8" -- $3,350
  • 42' x 42' -- w/ 2" -- $3,722
  • 42' x 54' -- w/ 1 3/8" -- $3,785
  • 42' x 54' -- w/ 2" -- $4,205
Angled Carpet Bonded Border System

A mitred Carpet Bonded Foam bonded with a rigid angled foam that abuts to the floor and is then secured with hook fastener to the floor's Carpet Bonded Foam.

Border Wedges -- Another option, if you just want a few pieces, are these Border Wedges. Enhance any spring floor with our 6' x 18" carpeted sectional spring floor border wedges. Carpeted crosslink polyethylene top layer laminated to a 100 ILD polyurethane base provides comfortable firm footing. Border wedges attach securely to main floor area with Hook and Loop fastener system (included). All corners are expertly & accurately mitred. Wedges taper from the height of your floor to 1.25".

*Spring floor heights vary depending on foam and wood sizes. Please indicate the exact height of your spring floor when ordering in the comments section when you place your order.  Your order can not be processed without this information. We will manufacture wedges to meet your floor's height.
*Available in your choice of Black or Blue carpet. If you are inside the US (lower 48 states only), these are $148 for 6' sections. Corners are available also for $100 each. These normally take about 8-10 weeks to ship. You can learn more about these here.

Border Wedges

Angled Foam Border System

Angled Foam Border System - If you are going with the separate Carpet and Foam system (as opposed to Carpet Bonded Foam), this is the solution for you. This angles from the spring floor foam's height down to the sub-floor height (extending out 12" from spring floor). Corners mitre. Must be covered by your carpet. These normally take about 5-6 weeks to ship. We need to know the height of your floor (with springs) and the thickness of your foam to process your order. Prices here are approximate and my vary a bit depending on the border's thickness necessary to match the height of your foam. (Pricing below does not include shipping.)

  • 12' x 42' with 1 3/8" foam -- $750
  • 12' x 42' with 2" foam -- $800
  • 42' x 42' with 1 3/8" foam -- $1,120
  • 42' x 42' with 2" foam -- $1,205
  • 42' x 54' with 1 3/8" foam -- $1,265
  • 42' x 54' with 2" foam -- $1,365

Martial Arts Border

Martial Arts Border System - Most of the options above rely of hook/loop fastening. In some cases - such as Martial Arts flooring using vinyl matting, this is not an option. Here is a great solution.

This Floating Martial Arts Border System keeps your matting in place while providing a sharp 'high end' look. The border is customized to your thickness of matting. Normally this is solution is for the open edge of your floor, but can be used for the entire perimeter. Priced per 19' 6" length. Learn more / Request pricing.

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