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EcoTiles™ & EcoRolls™

EcoRolls and EcoTiles are easy, durable temporary flooring solutions to protect your beautiful floor during special events.

Before you hold that event on your hardwood or polyurethane floor, protect it from damage with a gym floor cover. It's easy to convert any space to a multipurpose venue with EcoTiles™ or EcoRolls™,  protect your gym floor during special events, concerts, or graduations with these easily assembled and attractive floor covers - without breaking your budget!

This product is available in tiles or rolls. For larger spaces, the best value per square foot is with rolls! The built in revolutionary technology incorporated into EcoRolls™ reduces and helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and destructive odor causing bacteria on the carpet surface. The durable protection is non-leaching, safe for users and the environment, withstands cleaning and chemicals, and remains effective throughout the life of the product. No other system on the market provides a combination of durability, upscale appearance, portability, and efficiency. The attractive, 100% recycled top layer looks and performs like carpet improving your facilities acoustics, while the non-skid backing prevents moisture penetration, keeping the floor underneath clean and dry. Our compact, custom designed, Lay-Up racking system, allows Eco Roll to deploy quickly and easily reducing labor costs and takes up very little room when stored. Don’t settle for heavy and unattractive vinyl covers. With Eco-Rolls, you can’t afford to not protect your wood floors! Lead time is 2 to 4 weeks to ship normally. Also, see the easy deployment system video (below) for this option. Learn more here: EcoRolls (printable PDF).


Gym Floor Cover Rolls
Quick Attractive Protection

Key Features
Extremely Light Weight, Durable & Tear Resistant
Fast and Easy Installation
Appearance and Acoustical Properties of Carpet
Highly Slip and Stain Resistant
Easy to Clean
Top Hook Seaming Tape Included
Compact and Easy to Store

Dimension: 6 feet wide x your Custom Length
Weight: 15.5 oz. per square yard
Warranty: 3 Year
Fire Rating: ASTM E648-06 Class 1
Eco-Friendly -- Made of 100% Recycled Materials
Made in the USA

Storage Unit

These rolls sell for $1.10 per square foot (plus freight).
Currently, Charcoal Gray is the only available color. So, this is an outstanding value to beautifully protect that beautiful floor.

Storage Racks are available and recommended. You can store as many rolls on a rack that will equal up to 7,200 sq ft. Unlike vinyl, you roll one roll on top of the previous roll by way of 4’ velcro tape (See video below).  The rolls are stored on the black rollers, the blue rollers are basically guides to prevent coning (referred to in the video as the “roll straightening system”). The Storage Rack/Deployment System is $2,260 each. The Storage Rack itself is 90" x 34" x 62". It requires 12 Bolts to assemble (supplied - see video below on assembly). There is an available Vinyl Cover for the Storage Rack for $621. A Power Winder is a great labor saver. The Power Winder is an option available for an additional $627.

It is not recommened to store the rolls any other way but on a rack. It actually voids the warranty because standing them on the side can cause the rolls to deform, and laying them flat with no core can cause the rolls to crease.

> Rack Assembly - The rack will require assembly. See the assembly method in the video below.

> Rack Loading - See the method of loading your rolls on the Rack in the video below.

> Reusable TopHook Seaming Tape - See how to apply the included velcro to connect your rolls.

Optional Power Winder (mentioned above), makes it quicker and easier to re-roll the rolls when the event is over.

Let us know what you'd like!

With your city, zip code, and the quantity you think would work the best for you, we can give you definite delivered pricing.

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Carpet Deck being laidCarpet Deck installed

For smaller areas EcoTiles™ transforms the look and feel of your space. EcoTiles™ are supplied in 35" x 70" (x 1/4") Tiles.

EcoTiles™ Features: 
 > Easy installation
 > Proprietary Thermoplastic backing provides floor protection and slip resistance
 > Luxurious carpet top layer for significant noise reduction
 > Incredible durability
 > Great solution for smaller spaces (See EcoRolls for use in larger spaces.)
If you already have CarpetDeck™ tiles (a very similar tile by in the size 1m x 2m). They have been discontinued. We are able to obtain additional quantities of these though - while supplies last.

Carpet Deck - gradCarpet Deck - Job Fair
The modular tiles feature a multi-layer construction that combines an elegant carpet top with a thick, protective proprietary thermoplastic blend with a laminated fiberglass layer for dimensional stability. EcoTiles™ protective modular tiles each cover approximately 17 sq. ft., which allows them to be quickly set up, but are lightweight enough to be easily handled by one person. Tiles are simply set down and slid into place, and require no tools or special equipment for assembly. EcoTiles™ is available in Charcoal Gray only currently. Once in place, EcoTiles™ provides an elegant and seamless protective floor for all kinds of events, including graduations, concerts, fundraisers, and trade shows. EcoTiles™ stack neatly and compactly for storage. Carpet tiles reduce noise while protecting your floor.

Charcoal (aka Medium Gray)
Both the EcoTiles and EcoRolls are only available in this color.


We offer a specially-designed EcoTile Transport Cart to speed installation and to provide a mobile storage unit for tiles while not in use. Each cart holds up to 200 tiles. Carts are $760 each (plus freight).

EcoTiles™ will extend the life of your hardwood or poured-urethane athletic flooring and offers a more durable and affordable alternative to traditional rolled-vinyl gym floor protection system.
 > Economical and attractive gym floor protection.
 > Extremely lightweight (8.2 lbs each), durable, and tear resistant.
 > It is the only gym floor protective cover that has a class 1 fire rating (ASTM E 648-10 - Class 1)
 > Quick and easy installation.
 > Easy to clean, highly stain-resistant.
 > Seven-Year Warranty
 > Custom logos available!
EcoTiles™ is the perfect way to protect your valuable gym floor during events like graduations, dances, proms, or assemblies and prevent the damage caused by chairs or tables.
EcoTiles™ are 35" x 70" tiles made of a 22% Recycled Proprietary Thermoplastic Blend with a laminated fiberglass layer for dimensional stability. After the event, simply vacuum or spot-clean, then stack up the tiles and store the cart in a closet or out of the way storage room.
Custom-flocked logos are also available upon request (for additional fee)! These are not screen-painted, we actually use a process that applies colored flocking directly to the carpeted surface for durability and great looks. You can learn more about them here: EcoTiles (printable PDF). The EcoTiles™ tiles are $60 per tile - so, roughly $3.53 per square foot.
With your city, zip code, and the quantity you think would work the best for you, we can give you definite delivered pricing.Just click on the 'Request a Quote' below. If you are looking to cover lar
ger areas. The Eco-Rolls would be the best option for you. See more about this seen the next section.

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