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B - Brianna Beam
This beam’s got BLING! Featuring studded legs, girls love the Brianna Beam and coaches, gym owners and parents will love the simple design of this beam. The Brianna Beam is constructed of wood with 1/4" rubber cell padding on top and is covered with brown suede. Simply slide the beam down into the legs for a sturdy and safe base. No tools needed for assembly! With an innovative connection system, two or more beams can be connected together to create one 16' long beam. Order the optional Beam Legs to increase the height of the beam another 6". Again, no tools are needed, the beam legs simply Velcro™ together.

PARENT TIP: The Brianna Beam is perfect for home use of all levels. If having a competition-length beam is important to you, purchase two beams that can connect together (but save shipping expense because each 8 ft. beam still ships via UPS!) All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA. Prices shown are with
Shipping Included (inside the US - 48 contiguous states).
Price: $293.00
Bar - Junior Kip Bar
Perform a complete Level 4 bar routine as well as Level 5 glide kips on the Jr. Kip Bar. It features a 1 1/2” diameter solid maple bar, the new and improved design of the Jr. Kip Bar offers much more stability for higher level skills and older gymnasts. With two additional cross supports, skills like kips and back hip circles can easily be performed on this bar. For athletes weighing more than 70 lbs., the base can be stabilized with extension pieces and optionally with a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood or particle board (purchased at your local lumber yard) for more advanced skills. You can choose from red, purple, or green uprights.
The 48” space between the base permits a standard 4 ft. wide mat to be used underneath. Unit weighs 50 lbs. Bar adjusts from 38” high to 56” high! Ships via UPS. These normally ship within 1 week. Footprint: 48" x 48", with stabilizing extensions 48" x 92". 
Parent Tip: This bar will grow with your child. The standard bar is great for that 4 - 7 year old who is hanging on it and playing all the time. Use the stabilizers (with 4' x 8' plywood mentioned above) and it works wonders for the athlete weighing up to 125 lbs. who is learning casting, kipping, and basic circling skills. Click 'Details' to see more pictures.
Prices shown are with shipping included! (inside the continental US - lower 48). Currently available in 3 colors! Order soon. This as a popular Christmas item and always sells out.
TT-JKB Jr. Kip Bar (only) $390
TT-JKBX Jr. Kip Bar Stabilizers (only) $95
TGF-862 JKB Mat (3' x 6' x 4") $220
G-824X Panel Mat (4' x 8' x 1 3/8") $152
BP-95 Bar Pad $30
JKB-Package All of the above $857
TT-JKB w/X Junior Kip Bar w/Stabilizers (only) $485

Price: $390.00
Bar - Mini Bar with Wood Rail
This Mini Bar is a beginning gymnast’s dream. Compare ours to others on the market and you'll know why this Mini Bar has been so well received. Ours features a solid 1.5" diameter maple wood rail--just right to accommodate younger girls’ smaller hands. Base/frame is made of strong steel tubing with a spreader bar for added rigidity; all joints are welded. Steel surfaces are powder coated and bases are fitted with non-marring rubberized boots. There are 3 bar height adjustments at 38", 48" and 58" tall are easily secured using clamping pull pin system.  48” space between uprights permits standard sized matting to be used under the bar (no need to buy an expensive custom size). Shipping is included with price - inside US (lower 48 states).

Mobile gym operators and parents love This Mini Bar because it's so easy to put it up, take it down and put it away.  New design!  Our Mini Bar can now be assembled by one person.  Weight limit is 100 lbs. The mini bar is useful for kids through level 3 gymnastics. 

IMPORTANT - This portable beginning bar is not designed for kips or big swings. Use this bar only for pull ups, pull overs, and other strength development exercises. Carefully read assembly instructions and all enclosed notices prior to use. Use only under supervised conditions, as unsupervised use is dangerous and should never be permitted.

Price: $399.00
Bean Bag Set
Soft, silky, brightly-colored bean bags can be used in dozens of ways to develop gross motor skills and manual-visual coordination. Sold by the dozen in an array of attractive colors.
Price: $27.00
Bean Bag Set - Alphabet
A set of 26 Colored Alphabet Learning Bean Bags. Made of tough and plyable vinyl material for easy cleaning and durability. These bean bags feature A-Z with both capital and lower case lettering in a variety of colors.
Price: $53.00
Bean Bag Set - Colors
A set of 8 Colored Learning Bean Bags. Made of tough and plyable vinyl material for easy cleaning and durability. These bean bags are black, brown, purple, orange, red, blue, yellow & green with the color's name printed in white.
Price: $24.00
Bean Bag Set - Numbers
A set of 10 Colored Number Learning Bean Bags. Made of tough and plyable vinyl material for easy cleaning and durability. These bean bags feature the numbers 1-10 with printed numbers and counting dots.
Price: $23.00
C - Crayon-Pencil Balance Beam

Let kids imagine they live in a giant's world while they learn balance and coordination. What child doesn't like to walk or balance on a curb? Great for early gymnasts, too! Lightweight but firm enough to hold an adult. 6 1/2' long x 10" wide at the base with a 4" wide training top. Low to the ground. Only 7" tall and weighs just 10 lbs. Washable and durable for years to come. A colorful, fun asset to any gym -- and a kid magnet. Be a kid again with the Crayon or Pencil Balance Beam. Crayon Beams are available in Red, Green or Blue. Price includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48). Alternative colors (orange, yellow, pink & purple) are available at the $241. These normally ship in 3 to 4 weeks.

Price: $223.00
List Price: $260.00
C - Sectional Beam
These new infinitely connectible sectional beams are fun to use, quickly configurable and easy to carry and store. Each 4' long x 4" high practice beam is covered with beam suede and filled with solid (but very light weight) crosslink foam. The 6" wide base tapers to a 4" wide top surface. Beams connect end-to-end securely with permanently attached Hook and Loop fasteners at each end. Vinyl ends supplied in random colors, either green or red. Excellent for gym or home use!
SB-400 Sectional Beam (4' long, 4" tall) $98
SB-402 Sectional Beam (6' long, 4" tall) $151
Free Shipping within continental US (lower 48 states). These normally ship in one week.
Price: $98.00
C - Sticky Beam Strips

They stick to carpeted floors like glue! First introduced in 1988, these strips are great for learning cartwheels, lining up classes, directing traffic, obstacle courses and many other situations around the gym. The 4" wide hook and loop fastener sewn to a colorful vinyl strip is hemmed all around. No raw edges like other brands. They are sold in random colors in sets of 4 or 13. Ships via UPS. 8 feet long.

SBS-408 Set of four strips $50
SBS-413 Set of thirteen strips $150


Price: $50.00
Cartwheel / Beam Mat
Not your ordinary cartwheel mat - added functionality with a white practice "beam stripe" on one side as well as hand/foot guides on the other. Designed and crafted to our demanding standards and boasting a rugged 18 oz. vinyl cover filled with 5/8" crosslink. Supplied in random solid colors unless Red, Pink or Light Blue is specified. Shipping is included! 2' x 6'
Price: $76.00
CN Cargo Climbing Nets
A challenge that no kid can resist. Climbing Nets (indoors) are handcrafted using quality 3/4" poly rope with 3/8" poly rope vertical lanyards utilizing a "non-slip" hitch design. A challenge no kid can resist. New design consists of bright yellow polypropylene rope with a non slip weave for rugged use. Instructions are included, mounting hardware is not. Nets have a 11" square mesh grid allowing numerous climbing movements and complies with current playground equipment regulations. The top of each net is approximately 4' of lanyard for tying net onto smooth surfaced ceiling hardware. We provide detailed and comprehensive instructions regarding installation, care and use of cargo nets with each purchase. Mats, spotters and supervision are required when using the Climbing Nets. These prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be calculated once you enter your address (before your purchase). Two-year warranty. These normally ship within 2 weeks.
CN-1010 10'w x 10'h $295
CN-1212 12'w x 12'h $399
CN-1218 12'w x 18'h $570
CN-1418 14'w x 18'h $675
CN-1818 18'w x 18'h $925
Price: $295.00
Color Box Incline
There's a surprise in this giant color box. Open it and the crayons appear to fall out of the box. This colorful and fun box is actually a fully functional downhill mat (or folding incline). It has a multitude of uses. Great for teaching basic motor skills. 48" x 72" x 16"  Shipping is included with this price. May take 3 to 5 weeks to ship (- though usually less.)
Price: $610.00
Bright fluorescent orange polyethylene cones have dozens of uses from obstacle courses to relay goals. Sets of 12 cones.
C-109 Twelve  9" high cones $17
C-112  Twelve 12" high cones $34
Price: $17.00
Cones - Multicolor Set
Set of six 9" Multi-Colored cones in assorted colors.
Price: $12.00
Cones - Preschool
A set of six 6" Vinyl Movement Education Preschool Cones, each in a primary color. These high visibility soft vinyl cones are ideal for marking a course on the floor-ex mat or preschool area. The top is open to balance a ball or pit cube to develop hand-eye coordination in the little ones. A great way to set an obstacle course or relay. Shipping is included (lower 48 states) with this price.
Price: $35.00
Custom Designed Carpet Mats
Activity Fun Carpet Mats - See pictures of all these fun designs by clicking on the image at left or 'Details'. Shipping is included inside the USA (lower 48 states).
 JF-101 Jump Forward (15" x 89") $111         
This is the first mat in a series of 5 mats. This mat is for those students just learning how to jump. The colorful feet or alphabet help the instructor direct the children as they jump. This is a wonderful mat for the little ones with no moving parts to make is much easier to use. The can jump forwards and then progress to backwards for a more challenging skill. The starting star is where they begin to jump to the first set of feet.
 JS-102 Jump Sideways (15" x 89") $111         
This mat progresses from a forward to a sideways jump which is a little more difficult. Make sure they jump both directions. The alphabet and colors will help guide them through the pattern.
 JQT-103 Jump Turn Quarter (15" x 89") $111 
This mat will definitely challenge your students to make sure they turn the same direction each time they jump. The colorful animals are a good way to direct the students through the pattern. The colored feet help the students see exactly where they need to go. Be sure to have students jump both directions. The starting star is where they begin to jump to the first set of feet.
 JTS-104 Jump Turn Half -- side to side (15" x 89") $111         
Your students will love this mat. The students now progress to jumping and turning their bodies side to side. This will help them learn balance through movement. The fruit is a great way to direct them and also learn vocabulary. The instructor can stay at their spotting station and still direct the student if they need help. The starting star is where they begin to jump to the first set of feet.
 JFT-105 Jump Turn Half -- front to back (15" x 89") $111         
Now your students can progress from jumping 1/2 turn side to side to jumping front to back 1/2 turn. The shapes help to direct them as they jump. Now your students can practice this skill on their own with no moving parts. They can see the pattern and learn it more easily. The starting star is where they begin to jump to the first set of feet.
 LJ-101 Long Jump (18" x 86") $149         
Students can challenge themselves to see how far they can jump. This mat is a circuit they can do on their own or it can be used for a bean bag or success ball toss. Instructors can have students do a friendly competition.
 LUM-101 Line-up Mat (15" x 144") $149         
This is a mat you can use on all of your events. The colored feet and numbers help to direct the students and keep them actively moving forward as the class progresses. No more losing their place in line or wandering off. This mat can also be used as a jumping mat in your circuit rotations as they name the color of feet or recognizing their numbers. Lots of fun and learning for all ages.
Price: $111.00
Dinosaur Spots
Dinosaur Spots are a great visual training tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Comes in a set of 6.9" diameter.  Set of 6.
Price: $32.00
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