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Climbing Rope

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We offer three different types of Climbing ropes. Climbing ropes require minimal space to provide excellent upper body strengthening and conditioning. They're also an excellent tool with which to develop arm coordination skills useful in gymnastics, wrestling and other sports. Two-year warranty. All ropes come standard with a steel top fitting shackle and heat-shrunk tubing boot on bottom.
The Manila is the traditional 3-strand 1 1/2" diameter pure manila rope. It is extremely durable and absorbs perspiration for an excellent grip.
The Unmanila is a specially manufactured 1 1/2" diameter polypropylene rope that looks and feels like natural fiber rope at 2/3 the weight of manila. The surface texture provides a good grip. Particularly popular at elementary levels and gyms. Not as rough as the Manila.
The PolyPlus Pro is extremely soft 1 1/2" diameter rope that combines extra strong lightweight polypro core with a soft yet durable polyester outside jacket. 

 Manila Climbing Ropes
P-115M 15' Manila Rope $158
P-118M 18' Manila Rope $169
P-120M 20' Manila Rope $180
P-122M 22' Manila Rope $188
P-124M 24' Manila Rope $199
 Unmanila/Polypropylene Climbing Ropes
P-115U 15' Unmanila Rope $135
P-118U 18' Unmanila Rope $142
P-120U 20' Unmanila Rope $150
P-122U 22' Unmanila Rope $157
P-124U 24' Unmanila Rope $165
 Polyplus Pro Climbing Ropes
P-115P 15' Polyplus Pro Rope $147
P-118P 18' Polyplus Pro Rope $158
P-120P 20' Polyplus Pro Rope $167
P-122P 22' Polyplus Pro Rope $176
P-124P 24' Polyplus Pro Rope $185

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