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Start Value Flasher


Flasher has two rows of 4" x 5" polystyrene flip cards on PVC table support unit. Each card sequence is printed with 0 thru 9.
Price: $39.00
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Sting Mat - SA


This red, no-sting throw mat by SA takes the “ouch” out of landings. The mat is perfect to throw on top of a landing mat or drape over bars/beam for extra cushion. The non-folding mat is made with rebound foam covered top and bottom with mesh and sides with red vinyl. 4’ W x 6’ L x 2” H These normally ship within 3 weeks.
Shipping is included
inside the US (lower 48 states).  

Price: $395.00
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Store All Pockets


Get organized with this easy-to-mount vinyl strip. It provides 18 separate transparent pockets for storing shoes, sweat shirts, etc. at a fraction of the cost of lockers or shelves. Use in gyms and classrooms for student belongings, or to stow/organize parachutes, bean bags, etc. Reinforced top flap is fitted with brass grommets for simple, quick installation. Spacious breather mesh pockets are permanently attached to rugged 18 oz. coated vinyl backing (same material used to cover all our gymnastic mats). 36" x 72" - Now available in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow! Normally ships in 10-12 weeks.
Color Any (no preference)
Price: $149.00
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Straps for Carpet Bonded Foam or Flexi-RollsŪ


Storage Straps for your Carpet Bonded Foam or Flexi-Rolls®

Item # Description


744125 Strap for 1 3/8" thick rolls (42')


7442 Strap for 2" thick rolls (42')


Strap Size Strap for 1 3/8" Roll (744125)
Strap for 2" Roll (7442) (+$1.00)
Price: $14.00
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Take-off Tramp


This mini tramp is easy to fold and compact to store. The front is stationary and will not mar floors as the tramp comes with rubber capped legs. Adjusts to desired performing angle with easy spring loaded pins. Stationary front is 9" high, back adjusts from 16" to 21" high in one-inch increments. Long lasting construction. 36" x 36" frame. 20" x 20" bed. 32 - 6" springs. 9" wide safety pads cover springs and frame. Now available with poly or string bed. Weighs 61 lbs.
Free Shipping! (inside continental US)
Price: $859.00
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Vici Doll


Durable plastic 16-segmented VICI (Visual Image Coaching Implement) dolls enable gymnasts to visualize proper techniques and body positioning. Coaches will find them an invaluable teaching and communication tool. Judges can utilize them to demonstrate execution techniques and errors. Available in two sizes. Only available in red. These ship via UPS.
VD-112 or VD-124

Vici Size 12"24"
Price: $24.00
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Vinyl Floor Skirting


Give your floor a nice sharp finish with our 9" wide floor skirts. 2" Hook fastener is sewn to 18 oz. vinyl. All edges are neatly hemmed. Choose from any of our 13 colors. Prices shown below include UPS Ground Shipping inside the US (lower 48 states). Usually takes around 6 weeks to ship.
FS-142 One 42 linear feet strip $125
FS-154 One 54 linear feet strip $160
FS-160 One 60 linear feet strip $175
FS-642 Skirting for full perimeter of a 6' x 42' floor $270
FS-1242 Skirting for full perimeter of a 12' x 42' floor $300
FS-1842 Skirting for full perimeter of a 18' x 42' floor $335
FS-2442 Skirting for full perimeter of a 24' x 42' floor $368
FS-3042 Skirting for full perimeter of a 30' x 42' floor $400
FS-3642 Skirting for full perimeter of a 36' x 42' floor $430
FS4242 Skirting for full perimeter of a 42' x 42' floor $462
FS4254 Skirting for full perimeter of a 42' x 54' floor $525

FYI: When installing a skirt, pull the skirt VERY taut every few feet when attaching. The skirt can stretch to become and inch or so longer than ordered! On the other hand, if installed loosely (without pulling taut) it could seem shorter than what is needed. You may need to pull tighter or looser for the skirt to be the exact length required for your floor.
Price: $125.00
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Vinyl Floor Skirting (Red 42') - Can ship right away. Shipping is included inside the US (48 contiguous states) .Only one 42' long strip available.
Regular price is $120.
Price: $95.00
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Wallmount Ballet Bars


Two styles from which to choose: Non-Adjustable Bar, and Single Adjustable/removable Bar. Many studios place one above the other. Available in five standard lengths: 4', 6', 8', 10', and 14'. Prices shown for the 4' to 8'' Bars include shipping inside the US (lower 48 states). The 10' and 14' bars are not selectable below as they must ship via motor freight - These you must obtain a freight quote for these sizes from us.


D-304 4' Non-Adjustable Bar (includes UPS) $114
D-306 6' Non-Adjustable Bar (includes UPS) $134
D-308 8' Non-Adjustable Bar (includes UPS) $148
D-310 10' Non-Adjustable Bar (ships Motor Frt) $128
D-310 14' Non-Adjustable Bar (ships Motor Frt) $181
D-404 4' Single Adjustable Bar (includes UPS) $121
D-406 6' Single Adjustable Bar (includes UPS) $135
D-408 8' Single Adjustable Bar (includes UPS) $155
D-410 10' Single Adjustable Bar (ships Motor Frt) $140
D-414 14' Single Adjustable Bar (ships Motor Frt) $199
For the 10' or 14' bars you must request a freight quote -- Here
Bar Type 4' Non-Adjustable (D-304)
6' Non-Adjustable (D-306) (+$20.00)
8' Non-Adjustable (D-308) (+$34.00)
4' Single Adjustable (D-404) (+$7.00)
6' Single Adjustable (D-406) (+$21.00)
8' Single Adjustable (D-408) (+$41.00)
Price: $114.00
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White Border Tape


Two inch tape to mark off the floor exercise area -- 160 feet. Will be enough to mark off the 40' x 40' area. You will need to cut to correct lengths. Note: This is adhesive tape, not hook and loop fastener tape. You must use this sort of tape if you have floor exercise carpet. The hook and loop fastener tape is for Carpet Bonded Foam. The (more expensive) white hook and loop fastener tape is available in 2" or 4" and is available elsewhere in this department.
Price: $22.00
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