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Adjustable Spotting Platform - SA


The Spotting Platform by SA has a fold down spring-loaded platform in which one person using a foot release pedal can easily adjust the height. The platform can also be locked into place in the horizontal position as needed. Platform is 21” W x 49” L and adjusts in height from 3’10” to 5’7” in 3” increments. It works with all SA Sport apparatus and is excellent for use over pits. Requires 4 anchors for installation (included). Normally ships in 2 to 4 weeks.
$2,875 + Freight
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Balance Discs


This concept in cheerleading and balance beam training is a simple and affordable tool for balance training.
The heavy duty, air-cushion is 14” across and 2-3” high. The firmness can be adjusted by inflating and deflating with a ball needle bike pump (not included). Learning to recover is a big part of balance beam training or cheerleading stunting (flyers). Working on your body waves and single leg scales lets you strengthen support muscles and develop recovery strategies. Balance Discs have been used for many years by physical therapists for conditioning, therapy and rehab of ankles, wrists, shoulders, etc. Learning to keep and regain your balance is a big part of balance beam or stunting success. Practicing on a solid firm beam is very difficult, but on Balance Discs you are are always in a precarious state, working your body waves and single leg scales lets you strengthen these support muscles and develop recovery strategies. Cheer Bases can also be much like Balance Discs, a bit on the shaky side, and using Balance Discs helps flyers to develop strategies for maintaining balance.
Insert a bicycle tire/basketball pump needle into the black rubber opening of the Balance Disc. Pump until you reach the desired Balance Disc training firmness. To remove air from your Balance Disc, insert just the needle from your pump into the black rubber opening of the Balance Disc and gently squeeze the Balance Disc. Price includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48).
Price: $39.00
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Ballet Barre - Single Adjustable Wall Mounted


Single Adjustable Wall Mounted Barre features special channel brackets that attach permanently to wall and permit height settings within a 14" range. Includes bright chrome mounting brackets, hardware and one hand-sanded 1 7/8" diameter poplar barre. The three shortest Barres can ship UPS Ground. They other two sizes must ship motor freight.

D-404 4' Adjustable Wall Mounted Barre - Shipping included


D-406 6' Adjustable Wall Mounted Barre - Shipping included


D-408 8' Adjustable Wall Mounted Barre - Shipping included


D-410 10' Adjustable Wall Mounted Barre - Request a price.


D-414 14' Adjustable Wall Mounted Barre - Request a price. $144
Length of Adjustable Barre D-404 (4' Barre)
D-406 (6' Barre) (+$24.00)
D-408 (8' Barre) (+$47.00)
Price: $82.00
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Border Wedge Section


Enhance any spring floor with our 6' x 18' carpeted sectional spring floor border wedges. Carpeted crosslink polyethylene top layer laminated to a 100 ILD polyurethane base provides comfortable firm footing. Border wedges attach securely to main floor area with Hook and Loop fastener system (included). All corners are expertly & accurately mitred. Wedges taper from 6.5" to 1.25".

*Spring floor heights vary depending on foam and wood sizes. Please indicate the exact height of your spring floor (from bottom of the spring to top of Carpet Bonded Foam) when ordering in the Comments section when you place your order.  Your order can not be processed without this information. We will manufacture wedges to meet your floor's height.
*Available in your choice of red or blue carpet. UPS Shipping included! (for continental US - lower 48 states). These normally ship in about four weeks.

Choose Border Color Red
Price: $130.00
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Carpet Bonded Foam or Flexi-Roll


If you are wanting only one roll of either Carpet Bonded Foam or Flexi-Roll in 3/4", 1 3/8" or 2", you can now order it securely online. The 3/4" is only available in Carpet Bonded Foam -- not as Flexi. The 3/4" thick rolls are not intended for tumbling, but are excellent for play areas, aerobics, etc.
The price will include motor freight to your location. Shipping to a residence is $75 more than to a commercial or school location. These rolls come with connecting (4" x 42') hook and loop fastener included. They normally ship within 3 to 4 weeks of your order. Colors other than Blue may take a week or so longer. Shipping is included with this single roll pricing inside the contiguous US states (lower 48).
Please supply a reliably answered phone number (preferably a cell number) for delivery coordination as you check out. There are three thicknesses to choose from and 8 available colors.
The rolls are made by Dollamur Sports Surfaces, the leader in the field. They are covered by a 3-year limited warranty - longest in the field. Learn more about these rolls here:

CBF or Flexi Carpet Bonded Foam (6' x 42' x 3/4") 137R
Carpet Bonded Foam (6' x 42' x 1 3/8") 138R (+$130.00)
Flexi-Roll (6' x 42' x 1 3/8") 138R Flexi (+$130.00)
Carpet Bonded Foam (6' x 42' x 2") 139R (+$260.00)
Flexi-Roll (6' x 42' x 2") 139R Flexi (+$260.00)
Delivery Location Type Commercial
Residential (+$75.00)
Price: $735.00
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Chalk Holder - AAI


Three to choose from:
A - Step-In Chalk Holder
Step-in chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene
Place on floor for easy access
24'' in diameter x 2'' high
407-007 $120
B - Low Chalk Holder
Made of rugged white polyethylene
13'' (33cm) wide base for stability
Stands 20'' (50cm) tall
407-011 $195
C - High Chalk Holder
Chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene
Sturdy tripod base
Stands 32'' (105cm) tall
407-008 $241

Shipping is included inside the continental US. Allow around 3-4 weeks to ship.

Chalk Holder Stepin (407-007)
Low Holder (407-011) (+$70.00)
High Holder (407-008) (+$116.00)
Price: $120.00
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Cheer Stunt Stepper


Ideal for practicing all levels of climbing and balance skills. The Stunt Stepper will allow cheerleaders to gain spatial awareness easily and safely before attempting the actual stunt with a base partner. It is 15" tall and 24" long. The top balancing platform is 4.5" x 12". Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This durable, heavy plastic training device is now the standard across the US including twenty-two time National Champion, University of Kentucky Cheerleaders. Shipping Included inside the US - lower 48 states.  
Price: $160.00
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Climbing Rope


We offer three different types of Climbing ropes. Climbing ropes require minimal space to provide excellent upper body strengthening and conditioning. They're also an excellent tool with which to develop arm coordination skills useful in gymnastics, wrestling and other sports. Two-year warranty. All ropes come standard with a steel top fitting shackle and heat-shrink tubing boot on bottom.
The Manila is the traditional 3-strand 1 1/2" diameter pure manila rope. It is extremely durable and absorbs perspiration for an excellent grip.
The Polypro is a specially manufactured 1 1/2" diameter polypropylene rope that looks and feels like natural fiber rope at 2/3 the weight of manila. The surface texture provides a good grip. Particularly popular at elementary levels and gyms. Not as rough as the Manila.
The Polyplus is extremely soft 1 1/2" diameter rope that combines extra strong lightweight polypro core with a soft yet durable polyester outside jacket. See larger pictures of each and what each come with by clicking on the photo or 'Details'.
 Manila Climbing Ropes
P-115M 15' Manila Rope $120
P-118M 18' Manila Rope $125
P-120M 20' Manila Rope $135
P-122M 22' Manila Rope $145
P-124M 24' Manila Rope $150
 Polypro Climbing Ropes
P-115U 15' Polypro Rope $120
P-118U 18' Polypro Rope $125
P-120U 20' Polypro Rope $130
P-122U 22' Polypro Rope $140
P-124U 24' Polypro Rope $150
 Polyplus Climbing Ropes
P-115P 15' Polyplus Rope $135
P-118P 18' Polyplus Rope $140
P-120P 20' Polyplus Rope $155
P-122P 22' Polyplus Rope $165
P-124P 24' Polyplus Rope $175

Learn more about Rope Installation/Protocol Here
These normally ship within 2 weeks.

Price: $120.00
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CN Cargo Climbing Nets


A challenge that no kid can resist. Climbing Nets (indoors) are handcrafted using quality 3/4" poly rope with 3/8" poly rope vertical lanyards utilizing a "non-slip" hitch design. A challenge no kid can resist. New design consists of bright yellow polypropylene rope with a non slip weave for rugged use. Instructions are included, mounting hardware is not. Nets have a 11" square mesh grid allowing numerous climbing movements and complies with current playground equipment regulations. The top of each net is approximately 4' of lanyard for tying net onto smooth surfaced ceiling hardware. We provide detailed and comprehensive instructions regarding installation, care and use of cargo nets with each purchase. Mats, spotters and supervision are required when using the Climbing Nets. These prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be calculated once you enter your address (before your purchase). Two-year warranty. These normally ship within 2 weeks.
CN-1010 10'w x 10'h $405
CN-1212 12'w x 12'h $525
CN-1218 12'w x 18'h $740
CN-1418 14'w x 18'h $1,050
CN-1818 18'w x 18'h $1,345
Price: $405.00
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Divider Walls


Developed with Kids First Sports Center, these moveable walls are great when you need to divide the floor or other carpeted space between classes.  Hook and loop fastener on the bottom sides and flaps means these walls don't get pushed out of the way easily.  Each measures  28" x 60" x 6" and are available in any of the vinyl colors.  Price shown includes delivery inside the US (48 states - excluding HI and AK). Normally ships via UPS Ground in 8 weeks. Custom sizes are available.
Price: $280.00
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