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Space Saving Single Bar Trainer - 96"


Space Saving Single Bar Trainer with brace rods and T-base. Rail or bar is adjustable from 32" to 96". The inside leg of the T-base is 60" long and the center outside leg is 30" long. Uses only 13' width of floor space. Features welded upright step to aid in bar adjustment. Choose Women's Rail, Men's Bar or Strap Bar. Comes with the 6 required concrete anchors. Must be shipped motor freight. Freight is included to a commercial location in the US - lower 48 states. Please request a delivered price. Usually takes 8 to 12 weeks to ship.
T905-96W Space Saving Single Bar Trainer - w/ Women's Rail $2,219
T905-96M Space Saving Single Bar Trainer - w/ Men's Bar $2,269
T905-96S Space Saving Single Bar Trainer - w/ Strap Bar $2,330
Type Rail: Women's Rail
Men's Bar (+$50.00)
Strap Bar (+$111.00)
Price: $2,219.00
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Stall Bars


Build upper body strength the old-fashioned way with this updated gymnasium classic. Each Stall Bar Module is 8' high x 3' wide, constructed of solid ash and features 15 hickory rungs (1 3/8" in diameter). Lower rungs are spaced 5.5" apart. Top rung is 8" higher and offset 3.5" out from the others. Field assembly required. Mounting hardware will differ depending upon building construction and should be purchased from your local hardware. These usually take two to three weeks to ship. -- Request a delivered price!


1 Section Motor Freight $549
SB-502 2 Sections Motor Freight $1,050
SB-503 3 Sections Motor Freight $1,525

Motor Freight is not included in these prices.

Learn more about Stall Bar Installation Here
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Swing Hand Stand Trainer


The swing handstand trainer is an easy-to-use device that helps develop handstand skills. Elastic cords provide the power, the gymnast provides the strength and proper positioning. It is easily foldable against the wall when not in use. Comes with an illustrated poster to visually aid the gymnast in the correct execution. This guide will help in developing a cast to handstand without ever having to "spot" children millions of times! This, of course, saves you the physical effort of spotting as it allows for the gymnast to learn on their own in a safe incremental fashion! You are now free to spend valuable coaching time focused on other things! Everyone benefits with this piece of equipment. The Handstand Trainer will develop and strengthen, in your gymnasts, that tight "hollow body" shape so critical in our sport's basic technique! It will also develop the ability of your gymnasts to "planche" and to "push" back from that planche. A very critical basic strength movement. Imagine a tight hollow body shape which can planche & push with speed and power!! Bar work, vaulting, tumbling, and some beam skills too; they will all improve. This equipment is solid steel for extra long life. The bungie cords last from 3-5 years with normal 2-5 hours of use per day. They will last much longer with less use. Our Handstand Trainer has been designed to have "flex" within the steel unit itself. Then the unit is "strung" with special bungie (you cannot buy this in any hardware store). The combined effect is almost a miracle. The system works in harmony to produce a soft bounce which will not "bottom out". This bounce is at the correct speeds for the little ones through the cheerleaders and even the men's program. No bottoming out problems which destroy timing and rhythm. It will fit in even the smallest gyms. it can be stored easily against the wall taking up only inches of valuable floor space in seconds by revolving the legs to lie flat against the frame! EVERY GYM SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE! 50 lbs. (Ships via UPS) Shipping is included within the continental US (lower 48)!
Price: $515.00
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Swing Handstand Trainer Replacement Cord


One Replacement Cord (or bungee) for the Swing Handstand Trainer. Does not include the pad.
The vinyl covered pad (velcros on) - is $55 (+ shipping). For both, it would be $67 (+ shipping).
HST Accessories: Bungee
Vinyl Pad (+$43.00)
Bungee and Pad (+$55.00)
Price: $12.00
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Uneven Bars Balance Beams Vault Pommel Men's Bars Rings Misc. Equip Used Equipment Hardware
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