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H - Replacement Rails - AAI


We offer the regular AAI Graphite X Rail or the new Graphite E Rail. The X Rail meets FIG, USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications. The E Rail currently meets USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications. Both come with the collars.
  • Constructed of a hollow fiberglass core with a wood veneer securely laminated around the outside
  • Bar is round with an outside diameter of 1.575" (40mm).
  • Pivot points of the bar are 94 1/2" (240cm) center-to-center.
  • Except for the blue collar, both rails look & feel the same. The optional (soft) E Rail has more action and movement when in use. The X Rail is $20 more. You will love the feel of the European brand bars on an AAI set of bars!
  • The Graphite E Rail is made with less Graphite strands making it 15-17% less rigid than the X Rail. 

There have been many questions regarding the addition and use of the Graphite E Rails versus the use of AAI’s Graphite X Rails.

Here is brief history: A couple years ago, AAI approached USA Gymnastics and the Women’s Elite program to see if AAI could improve at least one product to help enhance the gymnasts’ performance during competition. Because of great communication with coaches and gymnasts, the concept to develop an uneven bar rail which gives a more flexible feel and provide the athletes an easier transition for international competition was determined. The engineering department at AAI took the suggestions and comments and developed three different sets of uneven bar rails with various flex. Each rail had collars of a different color based on their flexibility, such as blue, red or black. After an evaluation period, the coaches and gymnasts were able to select the rail that provided the best performance comparable to what a gymnast would expect when they compete on other manufacturer uneven bars. With this, the AAI Graphite E Rail with blue collars was born.

Shipping is included (inside US - lower 48 states).
X Rail with collar (407-152) $620
E Rail with collar (407-352) $600

Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship.
Price: $620.00
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H - Space Savers


Using this unique system, three sets of bars can be placed in the same area required by two. Each set includes all necessary floorplates, hardware, and instructions. You can purchase pads and chalk bowl separately or combine them here. These ship via UPS. Shipping is included in the prices shown, for the continental US (lower 48). The Space Savers may take 2 to 3 weeks to ship.
SS-P Space Saver Pad (each) 5 lbs. $87
SS-CB Chalk Bowl (only) 8 lbs. $286
SS-1 Space Savers 60 lbs. $993
SS-1 & 4 SS-P Space Saver w/ 4 Pads 65 lbs. $1,083
SS-1 & SS-CB Space Saver w/ Bowl 68 lbs. $1,379
SS-1 & 4 SS-P & SS-CB Space Savers + 4 Pads + Bowl 73 lbs $1,400
Price: $56.00
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H - SRS System - AAI


The AAI Space Reduction Stabilizer System (SRS) decreases the required space by 29% for the uneven cabling system.

• System maintains the stability of the unit
• Allows use of standard Uneven Bars, including standard cable assemblies
• Features dual adjustment with cable tighteners and adjusting tensioning braces
• Includes 14 concrete (only) installation anchors (anchors for wood floor installations are not included)
• Works with all AAI cabled Uneven Bars, Ring Towers, Horizontal Bars and Single Bar Trainers
• SRS System requires 14’ x 12’ Uneven Bars footprint (29% less space than traditional uneven bars)
Pricing does not include shipping. Request a delivered price.


AAI Space Reduction Stabilizer System 135 lbs $1,365
407-890 SRS Pads (Set of 4) 12 lbs $395
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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H - Tensioner - Heavy Duty


Norbert’s was the first to transform the cable tensioner to a friendly device. Now even the most petite gymnasts can easily and properly tighten guy cables. This Heavy Duty Cable Tensioners have large rubber-dipped handles so users can set or release the tensioner using two hands instead of just one. All welded construction with precision bearings employed at major points of friction. Priced per unit.
Price: $99.00
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I - Bar Pad - Vinyl


Use these 1" thick neoprene-filled pads on both P-bars and unevens. Cover is fabricated from extra-durable red 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester. Hook and Loop fastener for quick, secure attachment. Usually ships in about a week. Ships via UPS. 15" long 5 lbs.

Price: $46.00
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I - Bar Pad Stubby


New 9" long x 6" diameter bar pad is perfectly sized for gymnasts learning new skills. Fits snugly around standard 1.5" diameter rail and fastens securely with hook and loop closure. Covered with 18oz coated vinyl fabric. Made in USA. Offered at this special Introductory price for a limited time.

Price: $42.00
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I - Bar Pads - Super


New Super Bar Pads are just the thing for teaching Tkatchev (reverse hecht) on the high bar. We cover our very forgiving Super Bar Pads with a 14 oz. denim material to eliminate the “slap” sometimes associated with vinyl.
These are 30" long, 7" diameter. Super Bar Pads are made to fit both women’s and men’s bars.
(Sold by the pair) 5 lbs. Ships via UPS
Price: $118.00
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I - Chalk Blocks


Top-quality Taiwanese gymnastics chalk (magnesium carbonate) is preferred by gymnasts, weightlifters and climbers. Eight two-ounce cubes per pound, 36 one-pound boxes per full case. Ships via UPS Ground. The shipping cost will be added once you have entered the delivery address.

G-235 One Pound Box $11
G-236 Ten Pound Box $86
G-237 Thirty-six Pound Box (Full case) $280
Amount of Chalk 1 pound
10 pounds (+$75.00)
36 pounds (+$194.00)
Price: $11.00
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I - Chalk Bowl with Stand - SA


Chalk Bowl by SA and folding stand allow for unit to be stored easily if needed. (16" W x 16" L x 36" H).  Shipping is included inside the US (lower 48 states only). Normally ships within 3 weeks.
Price: $294.00
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I - Chalk Holder - AAI


Three to choose from:
A - Step-In Chalk Holder
Step-in chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene
Place on floor for easy access
24'' in diameter x 2'' high
407-007 $110
B - Low Chalk Holder
Made of rugged white polyethylene
13'' (33cm) wide base for stability
Stands 20'' (50cm) tall
407-011 $180
C - High Chalk Holder
Chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene
Sturdy tripod base
Stands 32'' (105cm) tall
407-008 $225

Shipping is included inside the continental US. Allow around 3-4 weeks to ship.

Chalk Holder Stepin (407-007)
Low Holder (407-011) (+$70.00)
High Holder (407-008) (+$115.00)
Price: $110.00
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