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Bar - Mini Bar with Wood Rail


Since the introduction of our Mini Bar over 15 years ago, it's introduced to the sport a generation of young gymnasts. It's also been the bar most frequently copied by other manufacturers. Here's why:
STABILITY: Engineered so costly additional parts or weights aren't needed. All height adjustments are secured with snaplock/spinlock combination. No rattling or shaking.
PRACTICALITY: Bar height settings range from 38" to 58" in 3" increments. 48" width between bases accommodates standard size matting.
AFFORDABILITY: Excellent product, reasonably priced. Nothing extra to buy. We even supply an Allen wrench for easy minimal assembly.
MOBILITY: Our Mini Bar is preferred by mobile gym operators because it's so easy to put up and put away.

In addition to all of the above, our 1 1/2" diameter bar is just like those at the gym. And our Mini Bar's frame and base are fabricated from steel tubing. All joints are welded. Surfaces are powder-coated or plated. Bases are fitted with non-marring rubberized boots. The mat is not included. It must be purchased separately.
Requires a
48" x 48" area. 40 lbs. (Ships UPS) $349 + shipping (shipping will be added in prior to checkout - once your city and zip are known.  There is now about a 2-3 week lead time on these.
You can see a video on the assembly and instructions for this product here:
Price: $349.00
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Bar Pad - Vinyl


Use these 1" thick neoprene-filled pads on both P-bars and unevens. Cover is fabricated from extra-durable red 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester. Velcro fastener for quick, secure attachment. Usually ships in about a week. Ships via UPS. 15" long 5 lbs.

Price: $44.00
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Bar Pads - Super


New Super Bar Pads are just the thing for teaching Tkatchev (reverse hecht) on the high bar. We cover our very forgiving Super Bar Pads with a 14 oz. denim material to eliminate the “slap” sometimes associated with vinyl.
These are 30" long, 7" diameter. Super Bar Pads are made to fit both women’s and men’s bars.
(Sold by the pair) 5 lbs. Ships via UPS
Price: $108.00
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Chalk Holder - AAI


Three to choose from:
A - Step-In Chalk Holder
Step-in chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene
Place on floor for easy access
24'' in diameter x 2'' high
407-007 $120
B - Low Chalk Holder
Made of rugged white polyethylene
13'' (33cm) wide base for stability
Stands 20'' (50cm) tall
407-011 $190
C - High Chalk Holder
Chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene
Sturdy tripod base
Stands 42'' (105cm) tall
407-008 $231

Shipping is included inside the continental US. Allow around 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Chalk Holder: Stepin (407-007)
Low Holder (407-011) (+$70.00)
High Holder (407-008) (+$111.00)
Price: $120.00
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Deluxe Grand Canyon Blocks


Because they are wider, the Deluxe Grand Canyon Bar Blocks offer increased stability and permit a narrower “canyon” than our very popular original Canyon Bar Blocks. Grand Canyon Bar Blocks include a special webbing fastening system that affords easier attachment to bars. All Grand Canyon Bar blocks are 34" wide and 52" wide. Three heights (12", 24" and 48") are available. Deluxe set consists of four 12", 24" and 48" blocks.

Half stack which includes two blocks of each size as well as individual blocks are also available; please see listings for CB-205, CB-212, CB-224 & CB-248. The Original & Grand Canyon Bar Blocks feature a combination of crosslink polyethylene/100 ILD polyurethane foam filler, ultra-durable 18 oz. covers and 4" wide velcro fasteners. Available in royal blue, red or green.

 Deluxe Grand Canyon Bar Mats
CB-200 Deluxe Grand Canyon Bar Blocks (set of 12) $6,675
CB-205 Deluxe Grand Canyon Half Stack (set of 6) $3,350
CB-212 Grand Canyon Block (12") $320
CB-224 Grand Canyon Block (24") $495
CB-248 Grand Canyon Block (48") $885
Shipping is not included with the pricing above. Request a Quote
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Floor Bar (48")


The Floor Bar can be used in many creative ways with other Tumbl Trak products where “bounce to HS” drills can be practiced.
The metal base of Tumbl Trak's Floor Bar, allows for Velcro to be attached, so that it remains stable when used on appropriate carpet, for more active handstand drills.

Gaining handstand control is a very important skill, for beginners, up through advanced gymnasts. To practice control of the handstand, which is probably the most essential skill in gymnastics, using the floor bar is less stressful on athletes wrists. Shipping is included in this price (inside the US - 48 mainland states).

If a station is set up so that athletes cannot touch their feet or hips to a wall while working handstand control, it will isolate their core area, so they can feel, and learn to control it.
Other products that can make up these stations include the Air Barrel, the Bungee Ramp, the Bungee Incline, and the Jr Bungee Block.
All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA. Usually ships in about 1 week.
Price: $190.00
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Frame Bar


The Frame Bar can be mounted to the Tumbl Trak,™ Inground Tumbl Trak, Xtreme Tumbl Trak, Preschool Tumbl Trak and Porta Trak. It allows gymnasts to practice a variety of bar skills including handstand skills, uprises and several release moves. The Frame Bar easily attaches and detaches with steel knobs (no hardware required). It has become a “must have” accessory to any Tumbl Trak.™ (Does not come with a section of Tumbl Trak - just the bar with attachment hardware.) Two year warranty on material and workmanship. Shipping is included (inside the US (lower 48 states).
--- For more detail, Click on "Details"
List Price: $309.00
Price: $279.00
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Fundamental Low Parallel Bars


Norbert's Fundamental Low P-bars are designed for gymnasts under 100 pounds to practice and train at home or the gym. 48" space between the uprights allows them to be used with our Low P-bar mat or any other 4 foot wide mat. Bases and maple rails ship unassembled for lower delivery cost.  Dimensions are 48"L x 16"H x 24"W. Shipping is included with this price (inside the 48 contiguous US states). This product can normally ship right away. A 4' x 6' x 1 3/8" panel mat is an excellent option to use with these.
Price: $218.00
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GMR Elite Unevens


GMR Elite Unevens Bars. These Wide Spread Unevens feature our new dual slide collars which allow the unevens to exceed FIG bar to bar width specifications; allowing the bars to adjust in width from 80cm to 180cm. The low bar adjusts from 61" to 73" and the high bar adjusts fro 93" to 104". Height adjustment is made with dual spinlocks and snaplocks. The round rails are 39mm. The pistons include our exclusive eyebolt bearings for fast action and an easier swing. Maximum cable tension is achieved with four Big Grip Tensioners. Requires 4 floor plates which are not included. Meets FIG, USAG, NCAA & NFHSA specifications. $3,195 plus freight. Request a delivered price!  These do take 8 to 12 weeks to ship.
Reduction Rods are available for $300 more. This will reduce the needed floor space by 44% from 13'x18' to 12.5'x12.5'. (Fits GMR or AAI)
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Grand Canyon Blocks


Complete set of Original Canyon Bar Blocks consists of eight 48"H x 28" x 40" blocks. All these Original Canyon Bar Blocks feature a combination  of crosslink polyethylene/100 ILD polyurethane foam filler,  ultra-durable 18 oz. covers and 4" wide velcro fasteners.  Offered in royal blue, red or green. Canyon Bar Blocks may also be purchased as single units (please see listing for CB-105).
 Original Grand Canyon Bar Mats
CB-100 Original Grand Canyon Bar Blocks (set of 8) $4,725
CB-105 Original Grand Canyon Block (single block) $600
Shipping is not included with the pricing above. Request a Quote
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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