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B - 8' Suede Padded Practice Balance Beam


Our most popular home beam -- A suede-like fabric cover (same fabric used on beams in the Olympics) and a half inch of foam padding makes this a soft and safe practice beam. 8' length, 4" wide, 6" from floor to top of beam makes it perfect for home use and easy storage. This 8' beam can be used by all ages and levels of gymnasts. Great for beginners learning the basics and advanced gymnasts for extra work on beam at home. Shipping charges will be calculated after you put in your address (before you put in payment info). These ship economically via UPS. Weighs 32 lbs. 

List Price: $240.95
Price: $210.00
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Bar - Junior Kip Bar


Perform a complete Level 4 bar routine as well as Level 5 glide kips on the Jr. Kip Bar. It features a 1 1/2” diameter solid maple bar, the new and improved design of the Jr. Kip Bar offers much more stability for higher level skills and older gymnasts. With two additional cross supports, skills like kips and back hip circles can easily be performed on this bar. For athletes weighing more than 70 lbs., the base can be stabilized with extension pieces and optionally with a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood or particle board (purchased at your local lumber yard) for more advanced skills. You can choose from red,purple, or green uprights.
The 48” space between the base permits a standard 4 ft. wide mat to be used underneath. Unit weighs 50 lbs. Bar adjusts from 38” high to 56” high! Ships via UPS. These normally ship within 1 week. Footprint: 48" x 48", with extensions 48" x 92". 
Parent Tip: This bar will grow with your child. The standard bar is great for that 4 - 7 year old who is hanging on it and playing all the time. Use the extensions (with 4' x 8' plywood mentioned above) and it works wonders for the athlete weighing up to 125 lbs. who is learning casting, kipping, and basic circling skills. Click 'Details' to see more pictures.
Prices shown are with shipping included! (inside the continental US - lower 48). Currently available in 3 colors! Order soon. This as a popular Christmas item and always sells out.
TT-JKB Jr. Kip Bar $390
TT-JKBX Jr. Kip Bar Extensions $95
TGF-862 JKB Mat (3' x 72" x 4") $220
G-824X Panel Mat (4' x 8' x 1 3/8") $152
JKB-Combo All of the above $857
TT-JKB w/X Junior Kip Bar w/Extensions $485

Bar Options Jr Kip Bar (TT-JKB)
Jr Kip Bar Extensions (TTJKB+X) ($-295.00)
JKB Mat (36" x 72" x 4") GF-862 ($-170.00)
Rainbow Panel Mat (4' x 8' x 1 3/8") G-824X ($-238.00)
Complete Set of 4 (TT-JKB+X+ both mats) (+$467.00)
Jr Kip Bar + Extensions (TT-JKB + X) (+$95.00)
Upright color Red
Price: $390.00
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Bar - Mini Bar with Wood Rail


This Mini Bar is a beginning gymnast’s dream. Compare ours to others on the market and you'll know why this Mini Bar has been so well received. Ours features a solid 1.5" diameter maple wood rail--just right to accommodate younger girls’ smaller hands. Base/frame is made of strong steel tubing with a spreader bar for added rigidity; all joints are welded. Steel surfaces are powder coated and bases are fitted with non-marring rubberized boots. There are 3 bar height adjustments at 38", 48" and 58" tall are easily secured using clamping pull pin system.  48” space between uprights permits standard sized matting to be used under the bar (no need to buy an expensive custom size). Shipping is included with price - inside US (lower 48 states).

Mobile gym operators and parents love This Mini Bar because it's so easy to put it up, take it down and put it away.  New design!  Our Mini Bar can now be assembled by one person.  Weight limit is 100 lbs. The mini bar is useful for kids through level 3 gymnastics. 

IMPORTANT - This portable beginning bar is not designed for kips or big swings. Use this bar only for pull ups, pull overs, and other strength development exercises. Carefully read assembly instructions and all enclosed notices prior to use. Use only under supervised conditions, as unsupervised use is dangerous and should never be permitted.

Price: $399.00
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Bongo™ Balance Board


The Bongo Board is an exciting expert level balance trainer. The board with a polypropylene undercarriage that simulates lateral and radial movements.
It has a urethane roller with polypropylene center and a rubber and nylon bungee cord.
The Double ball bearing wheel system causes two halves to rotate independently.
Tapered roller ends allow toe-heel movement and rotation. Safety retaining cord promotes safety and easy transport.
A moderate to high level of fitness is recommended
Bongo Balance Board will:
> Improve balance and proprioception
> Enhance core strength and stability
> Increase coordination and responsiveness
> Heighten sense of body awareness
> Improve sports performance
> 1/2" maple deck (31" x 8" x 0.5")
> Urethane roller with polypropylene center and a rubber and nylon bungee cord
Price shown includes shipping (regular UPS inside the US - lower 48 states).
Price: $156.00
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C - Parallettes set of 2 -- 12"


Our 12" Parallette workout bars are made of lightweight, durable PVC and polypropylene. Compact for any gym bag or storage under the bed. Perfect for push-ups, dips, stretching, etc...PJ's are great in the weight room. No bent wrist stress. Iron cross push ups are easy now, incorporate cardiovascular exercise! Make up your own routine. Great torso support while stretching. Multiple uses. A Must Have!
Keep that edge by using PJ's to workout at home. The triangular end caps give our Paralletts extreme stability and strength. Sold in pairs.
Price: $47.00
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C - Parallettes set of 2 -- 24"


Stan-Ray™ P-24's are the perfect tool for training in the gym or at home. They are lightweight and extremely durable. The patented triangular end cap design gives them extreme stability, which allows athletes to train important skills, safely.
Handstands.....Planches.....Reverse Grip Changes.....Push-ups.....Pirouettes.....and many others.
Both Girls and Boys, athletes of all levels, will gain the edge they are looking for to excel in competition or strength training.
The compact size makes it easy to bring anywhere. Bring them to your next meet and stay warmed up in between your rounds of competition.
Our lightweight, durable 24" Parallettes are a breeze to take anywhere. Ideal for home or gym use. A must have!
The Perfect Handstand ... Anywhere!™
Sold in pairs.
Price: $70.00
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C - Parallettes set of 2 -- 54"


Stan-Ray™ P-54's give both male and female athletes the ability to develop skills from beginner to advanced. Our bars allow gymnasts to practice such moves as reverse grip changes, pirouettes, press handstands, and more. 54" Paralletts simulate full size equipment. For all levels of athletes!
The flexibility of the wood core re-enforced P-54's, whether used as parallel bars or a single bar for high bar or uneven bar work, gives your athlete the realistic feeling and resilience of competitive equipment.
Give your athletes the Edge!
Stan-Ray™ Parallettes can help athletes of all levels attain the physical strength and balance that will give you the edge in competition. Sold by the pair.
Price: $175.00
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C - Sectional Beam


These new infinitely connectible sectional beams are fun to use, quickly configurable and easy to carry and store. Each 4' long x 4" high practice beam is covered with beam suede and filled with solid (but very light weight) crosslink foam. The 6" wide base tapers to a 4" wide top surface. Beams connect end-to-end securely with permanently attached Hook and Loop fasteners at each end. Vinyl ends supplied in random colors, either green or red. Excellent for gym or home use!
SB-400 Sectional Beam (4' long, 4" tall) $98
SB-402 Sectional Beam (6' long, 4" tall) $151
Free Shipping within continental US (lower 48 states). These normally ship in one week.
Choose Length 4 Foot Beam (SB-400)
6 Foot Beam (SB-402) (+$53.00)
Price: $98.00
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Cartwheel / Beam Mat


Not your ordinary cartwheel mat - added functionality with a white practice "beam stripe" on one side as well as hand/foot guides on the other. Designed and crafted to our demanding standards and boasting a rugged 18 oz. vinyl cover filled with 5/8" crosslink. Supplied in random solid colors unless Red, Pink or Light Blue is specified. Shipping is included! 2' x 6'
Cartwheel Mat No preference
Light Blue
Price: $76.00
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I - Sticky Toes


Sticky Toes will help athletes perfect new skills much easier. Sticky Toes are designed to help the athlete realize when their feet are apart or together. Wonderful for Gymnastics, Tumbling and Cheer!

The straps are big enough to go around cheerleading shoes yet small enough to go around a young athlete’s bare foot. The Velcro sticks together but also safely pulls apart, giving the athlete instant feedback when working skills where feet are required to stay together. The user can feel and hear the Velcro separate! Sticky Toes are hand washable and a must have for every athlete in your gym! Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Item # Description Price
ST-1 Sticky Toes (one pair) $13
ST-10 Sticky Toes (ten pairs) $105
ST-20 Sticky Toes (twenty pairs) $210

"The real value of Sticky Toes is the immediate feedback they provide an athlete, by hearing as well as feeling, when the Velcro separates. As a coach, I appreciate that I no longer have to constantly tell my gymnast their feet are apart" - Al Fong, GAGE

Sticky Toes Quantity One Pair (ST-1)
Ten Pairs (ST-10) (+$92.00)
Twenty Pairs (ST-20) (+$197.00)
Price: $13.00
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