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Pommel Horse Upright Pads and Tie-Down System - AAI


AAI Tie-Down System
Easily attaches to Elite and Classic Pommel Horse when added stability is required. Requires one floor plate (not included).

AAI Pommel Horse Upright Pads
These pads guard against impact with the uprights during competition or training. They are blue and weigh about 3 lbs.

Item Description Price
422-068 AAI Tie-Down System $155
416-372 AAI Pommel Horse Upright Pads $225
Both Both of the above $365

Shipping is included in the above prices (inside the continental US - lower 48 states). These normally ship within 3 to 4 weeks of your order.

Choose Pommel Horse Tie-Down System (422-068)
Pommel Horse Upright Pads (416-372) (+$70.00)
Tie-Down System & Upright Pads (422-068 & 416-372) (+$140.00)
Price: $155.00
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Pommel Top Trainer with Base


The Gymnastics Pommel Top Trainer with Base includes 2 standard pommels, 1 extra long pommel and 1 plastic base. The Mushroom® Head is not included. Train circles, single pommel circles or place The Pommel Top on the floor to train extended pommel circles or floor circles. The standard pommels easily adjust inward to accommodate the smaller gymnast or 1 standard pommel can be mounted in the center of this gymnastics Pommel Top equipment to train single pommel work. The extra long pommel attaches diagonally on the pommel top for beginning single pommel work. Includes combination socket wrench and center tightening knob. Price shown includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48). Call or email for price if outside the US.
Price: $535.00
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Protective Cover for Competition Pommel Horse


Sturdy 18 ounce vinyl slipover cover protects your expensive Pommel Horse when not in use or when being transported. Norbert's Pommel Horse Protective Cover fits all manufacturers' Pommel Horses and are priced much lower than the cost of recovering a Pommel Horse. This Pommel Horse Protective Cover may also deter use of the horse when coach is not available to supervise.
Price: $90.00
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Ultra Dome - Base Only


Ultra Dome Base only. Durable plastic construction with built in handles and non-skid groumets are basic features of the Ultra Domes Base ONLY. There are built in "stand-offs" which allow the bases to be stacked safely to create 7" of additional height for older beginner boys who are learning circles for the first time. Ground shipping is included (for continental US - lower 48).
Price: $228.00
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Ultra Dome - Top Only


Ultra Dome Top only. The Ultra Dome Top Only is the combination of a hard white plastic dome with our man-made 'leather' vinyl pad glued to it. It can be used with an Ultra Dome base or by itself for floor work by more advanced athletes. Ground shipping is included (for continental US - lower 48).
Price: $263.00
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Ultra Dome by Gym Trix


The most versatile Pommel Horse trainer available. Light enough for children to move about the house or gym. The top can be removed for floor work or to add the optional pommel top. The Dome has the advantage of excellent stability on a spring floor surface and can be used as a small spotting block, pre-school shape. The advantages of low cost, simple storability and great portability offering multiple training stations and a better learning environment are hard to beat.
Durability, utility and affordability are hallmarks of this ultra-practical training device. Molded polyethylene dome with detachable padded top is incredibly stable. Designed to be ‘stacked’ adding nearly 5" for taller beginners. These normally ship within a few days.
Price: $355.00
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Ultra Dome Pommel top only


Ultra Dome Pommel top only (without base). To be used on the floor or it will fit on all Ultra Dome brand bases previously sold. Safe and stable, the Pommel Top is the latest innovation in the pommel horse training. This new top adds yet another dimension to progressive horse training. Best of all, the Ultra Dome base interchanges with the Pommel Top trainer. Current Ultra Dome owners can order just the Pommel Top and accessory parts to make your Dome a complete pommel trainer! The Pommel Top is easily detached for advanced training right on the floor, creating that extension which separates the best from the rest. The trainer comes with a pair of pommels and one extra long single pommel.
Price: $355.00
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