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Spring Board Dock


The shape enables the board to be positioned closer to the vault table. The wider side pads protect the vaulter when performing round entry vaults. It features end and side tunnels to allow the air to escape from under the board when punched; which eliminates the "dead" feel of other safety zone mats. Covered in rugged 18 oz. vinyl with mesh sides and front. Ships UPS in three pieces and is attached with hook and loop fastener. FREE Shipping! (Inside continental US - lower 48)
Price: $445.00
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Suede Round-Off Mat


Our Suede Round Off Mat measure 24" x 36" overall, but with a 4" blue vinyl edging on both sides you have a 16" wide visual target.  Round off mat has beveled edges and adheres securely to carpet with hook and loop fastener.
Price: $72.00
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Table Trainers


Deluxe Table Trainer -- The first vault table trainer on the market is now the most versatile. Standard 2-section model provides 100cm working surface height (70cm curved top + 30cm block). Three optional blocks (10cm, 15cm & 25cm thick) enable height settings from 100cm to 50cm in 5cm increments. All sections connect securely using 4" hook/loop fastener. The Suede or Performance Top vault surface is removable.

VT-100  Deluxe Base 2-Section trainer - 100 cm (39.5") w/ Suede Top $1,000
VT-100P  Deluxe Base 2-section Trainer- w/ Performance Top  $1,000
VT-110  10 cm height block (4") $225
VT-125  25 cm height block (10") $375
VT-150  Deluxe Set, (VT-100, 110, 115 and 125) w/ Suede Top  $1,575
VT-150P  Deluxe Set, (VT-100, 110, 115 and 125) w/ Performance Top $1,575
These normally take about 6-7 weeks to ship. All these Vault Trainers must ship via motor freight. Please request a delivered price. Click on image or 'Details' for more detail. Made in USA.
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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TAC/10 Cleaner


Soy-based product developed for people with certain allergies and chemical sensitivities Can be used as directed in closed environments without compromising air quality. Includes 1 Quart (32 fl. oz.) 946ml spray bottle and one microfiber towel.


TAC/10 Surface Cleaner (32 oz. and one Towel) 3 lbs $35
407-571 TAC/10 Towels only (box of 12) 2 lbs $65
Choose TAC/10 Cleaner (32 oz and Towel) 407-567
TAC/10 Microfiber Towels only (10 ct) 407-571 (+$30.00)
Price: $35.00
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TAC/10 Vault Table - AAI


The TAC/10 Vault Head exceeds the FIG allowable rebound by 40% while meeting the requirements for deflection and max force.
  • Official vault table of the NCAA® Women's and USAG JO Gymnastics Championships.
  • Meets USA, NCAA® and AAU competition specifications.
  • CFS Base design allows for effortless height adjustments from 37 ½” to 53” (950mm-1,350mm) in 50mm increments.
  • Base measures 36 ½” (927mm) wide and 46” (1,168mm) long with the vaulting surface of 37 13/32” (950mm) wide and 47 ¼” (1,200mm) overall length.
  • Vault body is constructed from a fiberglass form, layered with a reactive foam which offers improved rebound then covered by our exclusive TAC/10 cover for incredible grip.
  • Includes Club Pads.
  • Four non-marking rubber floor contacts with adjustable leveling feet.
  • Surface can be easily cleaned with TAC/10 cleaner.


TAC/10 Vault Table with Club Pads 378 lbs $4,270
407-543 TAC/10 Vault Head Only 76 lbs $2,310
407-568 Vault Base Weights 225 lbs. $740
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Vault Anchor Mat


Designed specifically to accommodate AAI vault tables and trainers fitted with CFS bases. Mats attach securely with
hook and loop fasteners to provide a stable, level 4' x 8' spotting surface. Our 12cm Vault Anchor mats are covered with durable 18oz coated vinyl and filled with a top layer of 3.5cm (­1.375") crosslink over a second 8.5 (3.35") thick layer of prime 70 ILD polyfoam. $439 plus shipping for the 12 cm mat. Request a delivered price. Allow 3 to 4 weeks to ship.
Color choices are royal blue, red, yellow, green, light blue, orange, pink, tan, gray or black. Ships via motor freight.
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Vault Anchor Mat - AAI


The mat securely adheres with hook and loop fasteners, avoiding slippage. Used with the ELITE™ and TAC/10 Vault Table models.
  • Two-piece form fitted system fits over the vault base with ease.
  • Provides a 4’x 8’ surface for the spotter.
  • Mat is constructed with a foam filler consisting of 2 layers of prime polyurethane foam and a thick cross-link polyethylene foam, covered in a blue 18 oz. anti-fungal and anti-bacterial vinyl.
  • Back of the mat has a 4” flap with loop fasteners that may be used to attach additional landing mats.


20cm Vault Anchor Mat 46 lbs $1,090
416-549 20cm Vault Anchor Mat with larger center 46 lbs $2,310
416-547 12cm Vault Anchor Mat 31 lbs. $740
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Vault Cover


Sturdy 18 ounce vinyl slipover cover cover protects your expensive Vault Table when not in use or when being transported.  Norbert's Vault Table Protective Cover fits all manufacturers' Vault Tables and are priced much lower than the cost of recovering a Vault Table. A Vault Table Protective Cover may also deter use of vault table when coach is not available to supervise.

Price: $95.00
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Vault Master


> Meets requirements for USAG, EXCEL, and AAU level 1-4 alternative vaulting apparatus
> Pads attach directly to frame with hook and loop fastener
> Pads cover springs and frame
> 20" x 31" Bed Size (Poly bed is standard. String bed is available for $125 more.)
> 40" x 45" Telescoping Frame -- newly designed in 2012.
> 2" Stationary Front & 13" Stationary Back
> 56 - 6" Springs
> Weights 64 lbs.

Shipping via Fed Ex Ground is included - (inside the continental US - lower 48 states).

Price: $650.00
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Vault Runway


We offer the 1 3/8" thick runway to make hard floors a little safer. Working surface is high quality blue cut-pile nylon carpet bonded to a trocellen base. These are made by Dollamur Sports Surfaces. This is essentially Carpet Bonded Foam in a narrower, longer form. These ship via Motor Freight. Shipping is included inside the contiguous US states (lower 48). You can choose from nine available colors now. These rolls are 3' x 84' x 1 3/8". These ship in 3 to 4 weeks. (Blue can ship the most quickly.) Made in USA.
Price: $885.00
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