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Runup Ramp for Tumbl Trak
Runup Ramp for Tumbl Trak
Runup Ramps for the Tumbl Trak. A Run-up Ramp allows the athlete to utilize more of the tumbling surface for their tumbling skills by giving them more running space. Foam filled, vinyl covered ramps are available to attach to an Air Trak, Tumbl Trak™ and Porta Trak. Each ramp is 2’ wide and is filled with a firm foam that is designed for years of use. They also can be folded in half to form a rectangular shaped spotting block. Tumblers can get a running start on these popular ramps to get the most of their turn on the trak.
FR-42 8' x 2' x 21" Folding Ramp (Use with above ground Tumbl Trak) $499
FR-6217 12' x 2' x 17" Folding Ramp (Use with the Porta Trak) $679
FR-6221 12' x 2' x 21" Folding Ramp $754
These prices do include shipping (inside the US - lower 48 states). These normally ship within a week.
Ramp 8' x 2' x 21" (FR-42)
12' x 2' x 17" (FR-6217) (+$180.00)
12' x 2' x 21" (FR-6221) (+$255.00)
Price: $499.00
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