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Practice Pits 24" and 32"
Practice Pits 24" and 32"

We proudly presents the first major advance in pit technology in over 20 years. These Pits feature either an easily removable mesh top surface that uses hook and loop fastener instead of a zipper or with the mesh on the sides (as pictured). Inserting or replacing foam filler is simply a matter of dropping it into the bottom cover section. Because the top can be pulled taut even after filler loses some of its volume over time, these pits will never look loose or sloppy. Should you need the top cover section repaired or replaced, it can be removed and shipped to us. The Pit (with the Mesh top) has lower cover component (bottom and sides) crafted of solid 18 oz. coated vinyl. A 4" wide hook/loop strip -- to which the top is attached -- is sewn on each side surface. Top cover with corresponding flap consists of breather mesh for optimal air expulsion or with a vinyl top and mesh sides. Pricing is the same for both of these versions. We will want your clarification as to which you would prefer at the time of your order. Colors available are royal blue, black, red, green or light green. All of these ship via Motor Freight. These normally ship in 8 weeks.

 24" Practice Pits
G-965 5' x 10' x 24"  150 lbs. $1,325
G-966 6' x 12' x 24"  170 lbs. $1,850
G-967 7' 6" x 12' x 24"  185 lbs. $2,175
G-968 8' x 12' x 24"  190 lbs. $2,295
G-969 8' x 16' x 24"  200 lbs. $2,995
 32" Practice Pits
G-1005 5' x 10' x 32" 185 lbs. $1,650
G-1006 6' x 12' x 32" 220 lbs. $2,250
G-1007 7'6" x 12' x 32" 235 lbs. $2,725
G-1008 8' x 12' x 32" 240 lbs. $2,950
G-1009 8' x 16' x 32" 310 lbs. $3,775
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Price: $1,325.00
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