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An economical aid for teaching dive rolls, handsprings, etc. Large, medium, standard or mini models provide the proper height for gymnasts of all sizes.
Mini Mailbox
GF-833 16" high x 30" x 16"


Standard Mailbox
GF-834 20" high x 36" x 16"


Medium Mailbox
GF-835 24" high x 36" x 18"


Large Mailbox
GF-836 27" high x 34" x 20"


UPS Shipping included! (for continental US.)
Usually takes 8-10 weeks to ship.  
Mailbox Size Mini GF-833
Standard GF-834 (+$71.00)
Medium GF-835 (+$176.00)
Large GF-836 (+$236.00)
Price: $179.00
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