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Tumbl Trak - Inground
Tumbl Trak - Inground
For safety reasons, many gyms prefer to have the Tumbl Trak™ flush with the floor. Inground Tumbl Traks require a poured cement pit in the floor of your gym. Pit should be 78 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The length of the pit will depend on the length of your Tumbl Trak. The actual beds are 60" wide. We can also quote special pit sizes. Bolts, hardware and complete assembly instructions are provided with purchase.

Options include a closed end (frame, springs and pads on the end of Tumbl Trak as well as the sides).
Warranty: 2 years
Choose the Trak that best fits your facility! 

ID# Item Sugg. Retail

Our Price

Delv'd Price

IN-10 10' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $945 $851 $1,126
IN-20 20' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $1,795 $1,616 $1,951
IN-30 30' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $2,595 $2,336 $2,701
IN-40 40' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $3,595 $3,236 $3,661
IN-50 50' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $4,395 $3,956 $4,421
IN-60 60' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $5,395 $4,856 $5,381
CE Closed End (when with TTrak) $299 $269 $394
EB End Block $399 $359 $484

The delivered price in the far right column is the price with shipping included (inside the US - lower 48 states). Note: The strongly suggested Closed End is only available when you are purchasing the Tumbl Trak itself or when you replacement the bed. The Closed End is a safety feature that actually connects the start point of your Tumbl Trak to the concrete so that there is no possibility of slipping off the bed's edge. (Click 'Details' to see a picture of the Closed End.) The End Block is needed when you have a loose foam pit that the Tumbl Trak dismounts into. This block prevents the migration of blocks under the Trak. These normally ship within two weeks.

Price: $1,126.00
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