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B - Quad Bars


This Adjustable Quad Bar System features four independent adjustable rails with a range of settings from 6" to 60". All welded steel construction with separate turn handle and pull-pin adjustment. Use with Powerflex or AAI rails. Requires 10 anchors (not included).
FYI: 17' 6" x 17' 6" overall space required for use with the 8' rails. 13' 6" x 13' 6" overall space is required for use with 6' rails.
No shipping is included in the pricing below:
Quad Bar Uprights (only)
QD-450 Quad Bar System without Rails, Uprights Only $1,450
QD-516 12cm Quad Bar Mat System for 6' Rails $1,800
QD-512 12cm Quad Bar Mat System for 8' Rails $2,600
Rail Options:
CR-106 Powerflex Rail (6') each  $525
CR-108 Powerflex Rail (8') each $525

Please note which options you prefer and Request a Quote. We will be glad to furnish you a delivered price.

Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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B - Quick Release Single Bar Trainer - AAI


Quick release allows rapid change from men’s Single Bar Trainer to women’s.

• Height adjusts from 44” to 91 ½” (112 to 232cm) in 20cm increments and from 91 ½” to 99 1/4” (232 to 252cm) in 5cm increments
• Depending on the model selected, utilizes a standard Graphite X Women’s Uneven Bar or shot-peened stainless steel Men's Horizontal Bar. Pivot points of the bar are 94 ½” (240cm) center-to-center
• AAI features Copper Compression Sleeves on our apparatus cables, which improves apparatus performance
• Includes one Graphite X bar or Stainless Steel Bar, Safety Collars, Single Bar Trainer, Quick Release Conversion Kit, U-Base and Stabilizer Rods
• Requires four C-style floor anchors — not included.
• Compatible with old style plates only ½” (13mm)
407-450 Women’s Quick Release U-Base Single Bar Trainer $3,320 + Freight -- wt. 216 lbs. (98kg)
407-455 Men's Quick Release U-Base Single Bar Trainer $3,450 + Freight -- wt. 237 lbs. (108kg)
• Request a delivered price.
This bar is perfect to use over pits. Pit width under the bar should be 90".

Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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B - Recreational Adjustable Single Bar Trainer - SA


Training High Bar with short cable system and adjustable height!
This unit can be used with the Women's uneven bar rail (#GN3260) or Men's steel rail (#GN3110).
Rails sold separately. Supplied with all anchoring hardware, plus a pair of pivots for pit mounting. An additional low, flat connecting bar for floating floors is available (#5176-200).
The rail adjusts easily from the ground.  Minimum height: 95cm (37 2/5”), Maximum height: 275cm (108 1/4”) in 20cm (7 7/8”) then 10cm (2”) increments. Instant assembly, dismantling and tension adjustment via rapid tensioners. The rail from the Asymmetric Bar can be used. Supplied with low cross bar, which acts as a pivot (2 special pivots are supplied for pit mounting). With short cable system in 20cm (7 7/8") increments.
Normally ships in 2 to 3 weeks of your order.
$1,789 plus freight. Request Freight Quote
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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B - Single Bar - Adjustable, Boltdown


V-Base Adjustable Training Bar has a uniquely small footprint so it fits easily into spaces other single bars cannot. 6" to 60" height adjustment is perfect for recreational and lower level gymnasts. Uniframe construction eliminates cables or poles. Uprights bolt securely to floorplates or concrete anchors (not included). Fabricated using the same materials and design specs as our Quad Bar System.

This system does not include a rail--only base unit consisting of zinc-plated steel upright with finished steel fittings for snaplock/turnpin combination fasteners. Great way to put your extra rail back to work!
Please note which options you prefer and Request a Quote. We will be glad to furnish you a delivered price.

***The 6' Powerflex Rails are on backorder until roughly November. Please keep this in mind if ordering.

Adjustable V-Base Bolt Down Single Bar Uprights (only)
SB-155 Quad Bar System without Rails, Uprights Only $675
Rail Options:
CR-106 Powerflex Rail (6') each $525
CR-108 Powerflex Rail (8') each $525
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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B - Table Trainers


Deluxe Table Trainer -- The first vault table trainer on the market is now the most versatile. Standard 2-section model provides 100cm working surface height (70cm curved top + 30cm block). Three optional blocks (10cm, 15cm & 25cm thick) enable height settings from 100cm to 50cm in 5cm increments. All sections connect securely using 4" hook/loop fastener. The Suede or Performance Top vault surface is removable.

VT-100  Deluxe Base 2-Section trainer - 100 cm (39.5") w/ Suede Top $1,095
VT-100P  Deluxe Base 2-section Trainer- w/ Performance Top  $1,095
VT-110  10 cm height block (4") $245
VT-125  25 cm height block (10") $375
VT-150  Deluxe Set, (VT-100, 110, 115 and 125) w/ Suede Top  $1,695
VT-150P  Deluxe Set, (VT-100, 110, 115 and 125) w/ Performance Top $1,695
These normally take about 6-7 weeks to ship. All these Vault Trainers must ship via motor freight. Please request a delivered price. Click on image or 'Details' for more detail. Made in USA.
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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B - Wobble Beam


Bring a NEW challenge to your team and some FUN into your preschool and recreational classes.  
The Wobble Beam™ will bring a new understanding of balance and core strength to your team program. They will develop a new appreciation for the stable and steady competition beam.
 The Wobble Beam™ is a fun and challenging tool to gaining skills of balance. Get your sea legs on and try walking across this wobbly wonder. Good luck!
 8 feet long x 7 inches wide. The working surface of this beam is approximately 4 inches from the ground. Standard: Suede beam will wobble more on a hard surface floor and less on a thick carpet or floor exercise.
Shipping is included (inside US - lower 48 states). Colors may vary. Current stock is the pictured suede-like finish. May take 3 to 4 weeks to ship.

Price: $269.00
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Balance Mat


This soft and durable mat provides an excellent surface for standing, seated, or lying exercises designed for enhancing balance or stabilization. Perfect for stabilizing push-ups, plank holds, and various horizontal balance training exercises. Made of soft closed-cell foam with a vinyl coating. Store flat. Blue. 70" L x 29" W x 3" H. 15 lbs. This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Estimated ship time is 4 to 6 weeks.
Price: $160.00
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Bar - Junior Kip Bar


Perform a complete Level 4 bar routine as well as Level 5 glide kips on the Jr. Kip Bar. It features a 1 1/2” diameter solid maple bar, the new and improved design of the Jr. Kip Bar offers much more stability for higher level skills and older gymnasts. With two additional cross supports, skills like kips and back hip circles can easily be performed on this bar. For athletes weighing more than 70 lbs., the base can be stabilized with extension pieces and optionally with a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood or particle board (purchased at your local lumber yard) for more advanced skills. You can choose from red,purple, or green uprights.
The 48” space between the base permits a standard 4 ft. wide mat to be used underneath. Unit weighs 50 lbs. Bar adjusts from 38” high to an unequaled 59” high! Ships via UPS. These normally ship within 1 week. Footprint: 48" x 48", with extensions 48" x 92". 
Parent Tip: This bar will grow with your child. The standard bar is great for that 4 - 7 year old who is hanging on it and playing all the time. Use the extensions (with 4' x 8' plywood mentioned above) and it works wonders for the athlete weighing up to 125 lbs. who is learning casting, kipping, and basic circling skills. Click 'Details' to see more pictures.
Prices shown are with shipping included! (inside the continental US - lower 48). Currently available in 3 colors! Order soon. This as a popular Christmas item and always sells out.
TT-JKB Jr. Kip Bar $390
TT-JKBX Jr. Kip Bar Extensions $95
TGF-862 JKB Mat (3' x 72" x 4") $220
G-824X Panel Mat (4' x 8' x 1 3/8") $152
JKB-Combo All of the above $857
TT-JKB w/X Junior Kip Bar w/Extensions $485

Bar Options Jr Kip Bar (TT-JKB)
Jr Kip Bar Extensions (TTJKB+X) ($-295.00)
JKB Mat (36" x 72" x 4") GF-862 ($-170.00)
Rainbow Panel Mat (4' x 8' x 1 3/8") G-824X ($-238.00)
Complete Set of 4 (TT-JKB+X+ both mats) (+$467.00)
Jr Kip Bar + Extensions (TT-JKB + X) (+$95.00)
Upright color Red
Price: $390.00
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Bar - Mini Bar with Wood Rail


Since the introduction of our Mini Bar over 15 years ago, it's introduced to the sport a generation of young gymnasts. It's also been the bar most frequently copied by other manufacturers. Here's why:
STABILITY: Engineered so costly additional parts or weights aren't needed. All height adjustments are secured with snaplock/spinlock combination. No rattling or shaking.
PRACTICALITY: Bar height settings range from 38" to 58" in 3" increments. 48" width between bases accommodates standard size matting.
AFFORDABILITY: Excellent product, reasonably priced. Nothing extra to buy. We even supply an Allen wrench for easy minimal assembly.
MOBILITY: Our Mini Bar is preferred by mobile gym operators because it's so easy to put up and put away.

In addition to all of the above, our 1 1/2" diameter bar is just like those at the gym. And our Mini Bar's frame and base are fabricated from steel tubing. All joints are welded. Surfaces are powder-coated or plated. Bases are fitted with non-marring rubberized boots. The mat is not included. It must be purchased separately.
Requires a
48" x 48" area. 40 lbs. (Ships UPS) $389 + shipping (shipping will be added in prior to checkout - once your city and zip are known.  There is now about a 2-3 week lead time on these.
You can see a video on the assembly and instructions for this product here:
Price: $389.00
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Basic Ice Packs


This is a reusable ice pack you can afford to lose. Great for coaches who don't feel comfortable snatching ice packs from injured gymnasts as they leave the gym. Covered in thin clear plastic. Case of 12.
Price: $33.00
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