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AIREX® Balance Pad


Super-soft specialty foam has destabilizing properties. Body weight causes person to sink into soft mat creating instability. These are excellent for balance training for everyone from athletes to senior citizens.
You can use two Balance Pads (stacked) or use the pad atop a larger mat for even greater instability.
Airex Balance Pad Elite has a non-slip base to prevent it from sliding.
Stand on 1 or 2 legs and perform squats, lunges and reaching touches to improve strength and stability.
Stack two pads together for greater instability.
Closed-cell foam is Sanitized, does not absorb water, and is easy to wash.
The Balance Pad Elite has a nonslip backing. Do not stand on these while wearing shoes. Blue. 19" L x 16" W x 3" H. 2 lbs.
81001-RG Airex Balance Pad - RG $57
81001-ET Airex Balance Pad - ET (textured) $72

About Balance Pads -Balance pads have destabilizing properties, allowing you to add a challenge to push-ups, squats, lunges, and 1- and 2-legged balance movements. Use either a single pad or a pair of pads when exercising to improve balance, ankle/joint stability, strength, stamina, differentiation, and coordination. Also ideal for rehabilitation.
Choose Airex Balance Pad (regular) 81001-RG
Airex Balance Pad Elite (textured) 81001-ET (+$15.00)
Price: $57.00
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Twist and roll to target different muscles. Akrowheels help to strengthen the core and tone and stretch the upper body and abs. Suited to most fitness levels, these rubber nonslip, nonmarking wheels have tension on the axle that adjusts for training on all types of surfaces and performing different levels of fitness or sport-related exercise. Sold in pairs only, though they can be used individually. Padded neoprene handles. Includes workout DVD. Professional grade tested up to 225 lbs. 12"L x 6"H. One-year limited warranty. Aqua & gray.
Price: $50.00
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Alpha Rocker by AAI


New in 2016! The Alpha Rocker by AAI is designed to improve the gymnast balance techniques with four rocker adjustments that allows for less to more balance adjustments as needed by the gymnast training ability. Now available at a low introductory price!
Free Shipping inside the US (lower 48 states). Click 'Details' for more photos.
Price: $200.00
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American Power Springs


The American Power Spring (with the distinctive blue coil), is the best selling floor spring in the world. It features a durable, hard drawn high carbon steel, 2" x 4 1/4" coil with newly-designed durable plastic retainer caps. Our springs are resilient enough for gymnasts of all sizes and abilities. The hardware required (3 pieces) for each spring is included. The advantages of American Power Springs are that the caps are more robust, the coil paint does not flake, top and bottom caps are interchangeable, the distinctive royal blue color makes them easier to see in dark habitats (such as under your floor), and they ship far sooner than competing springs which may take weeks or months to ship. The American Power Springs normally ship within just a day or two of your order - if not the same day.

Your Spring order will ship with the hardware (3 pieces per spring), two Caps and the Springs - all arriving on the same skid.
> For a Competition Gymnastics Floor (42' x 42'), you would need 1,764 Springs (one spring per square foot). $2,920
> For a Competition Cheer Floor (42' x 54'), you would need 2,268 Springs. $3,725
The Springs are $1.40 each + freight. Shipping is included for these quantities when shipped inside the US (lower 48 states) and to a commercial location.

We need to know the thickness of the Plywood you intend to use to be able to supply the proper hardware.
If you are interested in getting a price on other quantities of Springs, or you need to get pricing to another country (or Alaska or Hawaii), visit here: to request pricing.

APS Qty 1,764 American Power Springs (for a 42' x 42' floor)
2,268 American Power Springs (for a 42' x 54' floor) (+$805.00)
Wood Thickness 3/8" (preferred)
Price: $2,920.00
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192 American Power Springs to a commerical location 
1 roll of Carpet Bonded Foam (6' x 42' x 1 3/8") 

Price: $1,249.00
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 Angled Carpet Bonded Foam Border for full perimeter of 42' x 42' floor 
Price: $2,635.00
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Two 54' lengths of Angled Carpet Bonded Foam Border for 1 3/8" carpet bonded foam on a spring floor 
1 edge of each length mitered. 
Price: $1,749.00
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Ankle Weights


These pro strength ankle weights are a must for the serious gymnast or cheerleader. Weights improve strength, stamina and amplitude with regular use. Add 2.5 lb. of weight to each leg (or arm) for awesome results. The unique design of these soft, fabric-covered weights make them suitable for wearing around the ankle or on the wrist. Velcro closures. One size fits most.
These 2 1/2 pound weights are $29.50 per pair.
Weight / Color 2.5 pounds Black (pair)
Price: $29.50
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 Order for Luis in Laredo, TX

> 1,400 American Power Springs (with hardware for 1/2" wood) to a residence in Laredo, TX - $2,288 USD delivered

Price: $2,288.00
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 Order for John in New York.

> For 50 American Power Springs, the price to your facility in Astoria, NY is $89 delivered. We will provide you with hardware for 5/8” wood.

Price: $89.00
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