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AAI Elite Kids Mats


Constructed of soft polyethylene foam core
•  Features vinyl-coated polyester fabric cover
•  Designed to be used as teaching aids during training and practicing
•  Available in Purple, Lime Green, Marine Blue, and Pink. Center Mat in Yellow for Circuit.

Prod ID Description


416-333 4" ELITE™ KIDS GYM Four Circuit Mat Set 
(with Center Yellow Mat Included) - 139 lbs
416-334 4" ELITE™ KIDS GYM Four Circuit Center Yellow Mat - 11 lbs $310
416-335 4" ELITE™ KIDS GYM Inline Circuit Mat Set - 128 lbs $2,870
416-336 4" ELITE™ KIDS GYM 5' x 10' x 10cm V2 Purple Mat - 32 lbs $720
416-337 4" ELITE™ KIDS GYM 5' x 10' x 10cm V2 Lime Green Mat - 32 lbs $720
416-338 4" ELITE™ KIDS GYM 5' x 10' x 10cm V2 Marine Blue Mat - 32 lbs $720
416-339 4" ELITE™ KIDS GYM 5' x 10' x 10cm V2 Pink Mat - 32 lbs $720
Normally ships in 3 to 4 weeks. Request a delivered price.
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Air Barrel


The Air Barrel is a very simple, yet extremely versatile, multi-purpose training device. While it may look like a foam octagon or barrel, it is filled with air and therefore is BOUNCY!! Because it is bouncy, it can be used for many drills that cannot be done with the traditional foam shapes. The Air Barrel can be used for tumbling, vaulting, bar and vault skills and also has many applications for teaching body awareness and control. The Air Barrel includes a hand pump.

The Air Barrel Cradle holds the Air Barrel in place and stabilizes it when you don’t want it to roll. The Cradle when used by itself has many useful applications, especially for preschool classes.
Shipping is included with these prices (inside the continental US (lower 48). One year warranty on material and workmanship.
Click on 'Details' to see other views and options.
Barrel Options Air Barrel only
Cradle only ($-51.00)
Air Barrel & Cradle (+$154.00)
Price: $226.00
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Air Floor


Wow! The word most people use to describe the rebound of the Air Floor. You have to feel it to believe it. It looks like a regular tumbling mat, but the air floor is filled with air giving it more cushion and BOUNCE! Designed to be used on a spring floor, tumbling strip, carpet bonded foam or panel mats, the Air Floor offers a bouncier rebound than a rod floor.

Endorsed by Kurt Thomas and many other elite coaches, the Air Floor can give your tired old equipment new life. It is quick and easy to inflate and the unit remains inflated use after use. (Not intended for use on hard surfaces.)
One-year warranty on material and workmanship. Purchase an Air Floor Cover to extend the warranty to two years!

Air Floor with Velcro
ID# Item Name Suggested
10% Off Delivered
AF-315 3M Air Floor $995 $896 $965
AF-415 4.5M Air Floor $1,295 $1,166 $1,256
AF-615 6M Air Floor $1,495 $1,346 $1,446
Air Floor With No Velcro
AF-0315 3M Air Floor $795 $716 $785
AF-0415 4.5M Air Floor $1,095 $986 $1,076
AF-0615 6M Air Floor $1,295 $1,166 $1,266
Pump Options

* The Air Floor Pump (AF-P) is included with your purchase of any Air Floor.

AF-P Air Floor Pump * $20 $18 $29
DIDA-2 Magic Air Deluxe $184 $166 $182
Cover Options
AF-315C 3M Air Floor Cover $249 $224 $240
AF-415C 4.5M Air Floor Cover $349 $314 $335
AF-615C 6M Air Floor Cover $449 $404 $431
3M Air Floor -- approx. 5' wide x 10' long x 3" thick.
4.5M Air Floor -- approx. 5' wide x 15' long x 3" thick.
6M Air Floor -- approx. 5' wide x 20' long x 3" thick.

Units that include Velcro can connect end to end to allow for longer lengths.
Additional pumps can also be purchased separately. Pump options are as follows:
Hand Pump - This is included in price.
Magic Air Deluxe - Inflates Air Floors in less than 1 minute

The Prices shown above
include shipping inside the US (lower 48 states).

"Most of our injuries occurred when kids get into Level 6 as they learned back tucks and front tucks. A mistake that's been made is getting them on the hard floor too quickly. So, we've moved them to the softer Tumbl Trak and Air Floor which has really helped. While they're healing, they can tumble on the softer surfaces and not be in pain." -- Andy & Jenell Memmel

“The Air Floor is the best piece of equipment to come out in the last 10 years.”
-- John Holman, Parkettes National Gymnastics Center

Price: $29.00
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Air Floor Pro


The new Air Floor PRO at 8" thick, is a bouncier version of the regular Air Floor and is not required to be placed on a padded surface. It can be a substitute for Rod Floor or as an all around training aid. The Air Floor PRO offers versatility in a gym, or as a portable station for mobile programs or exhibitions. Airhead Superpump included. These mats come in 3 different sizes, each allows for Velcro attachment to another unit.
Each unit includes an electric pump, a carrying bag and a Velcro flap which can be used to connect two or more pieces together creating a longer tumbling strip. The Air Floor Pro has a center line which can be used as a visual aid for tumbling. 3M units d-rings to easily attach the unit to uneven bars for a bar wall station. If you buy more than one unit, the transition insert (mentioned in the video) is included.
Tumbl Trak’s Mini Ramp works well for entry up onto the 8-inch surface. Booster blocks can be used for spotting off to the side. Made in Korea. Designed in the USA. (The ramp in the video is the Folding Mini Ramp. You can see it in our Training Mats department.) One-year warranty on material and workmanship.
Prod ID Product Name Sug. Retail

Our Price*

AF-832 Air Floor Pro 3m x 1.5m (~5' x 10') $1,595 + shipping


AF-862 Air Floor Pro 6m x 1.5m (~5' x 20') $2,295 + shipping


AF-892 Air Floor Pro 9m x 1.5m (~5' x 30') $3,395 + shipping


* Our price includes shipping inside the mainland US (48 states).

" The Air Floor PRO has been a safe, reliable, and robust teaching aid for us. We are glad to recommend it." - Greg Frew, Woodward Camp Director 

" LOVE IT!!! The air floor was definitely one of the greatest ideas. I was looking for something that would give me the benefits of a rod floor but still have the ability to transport to both outdoor shows and half time winter shows." - Tara Quandt, Step by Step Studio

Length of Air Floor Pro 3 Meter (AF-832)
6 Meter (AF-862) (+$668.00)
9 Meter (AF-892) (+$1,695.00)
Price: $1,561.00
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Air Pit


The Air Pit is the solution to a problem encountered by coaches for years--the stack of mats that have become necessary for teaching vaulting, tumbling, bars, and even beam. It can be used alone, or the mat can be the base mat for a higher mat-stack. Then, add 12", 8", or 4" mats in any combination to make a tower of mats as high as needed.

The Air Pit is much lighter to move, and thus much more portable than a foam mat or a stack of foam mats! Features include a 4" wide line down the top, and numbers for measuring distance. If you flip it over there are depressions about a foot in diameter. These can be used to play in, or as obstacles to jump over. Allowed for use up to new Level 3 competition. Price includes an electric pump.

TIP: It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a mat on top of the Air Pit for vaulting drills! All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA. Our Price
includes shipping inside the US (48 contiguous states).
Prod ID Description Suggested


Our  Price

AP-5102 Air Pit (5' x 10' x 24") $1,995 $132 $1,927
PM-5108 Practice Mat (5' x 10' x 8") $725 $175 $828
AP-Pkg1 The Air Pit and the Practice Mat (5' x 10' x 8") $2,589 $237 $2,567
Air Pit Options Air Pit (AP-5102)
Practice Mat (PM-5108) ($-1,099.00)
Air Pit & Practice Mat (AP-Pkg1) (+$640.00)
Price: $1,927.00
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Air Trak


The Air Trak is an inflated tumbling strip designed for use in gymnastics, cheerleading and general fitness.
Its advantages include versatility, portability and small storage requirements. Each unit runs from a high output, constant flow blower (included in price) and takes less than 30 seconds to inflate. The Air Trak is available only in red and blue (as shown).
SPECIFICATIONS: 9’ wide and 24” high and has 18 oz. vinyl on top and heavy duty 22 oz. vinyl on bottom.
Currently these are
on Sale at 10% off the retail price. 
ID Item Sugg. Retail

Our Price

w/ shipping
20AT 20' Air Trak $1,995 $1,796 $1,959
25AT 25' Air Trak $2,545 $2,291 $2,486
30AT 30' Air Trak $2,895 $2,606 $2,831
The Air Traks come with a blower. Sound Case is not included.
The prices shown in the far right column above
include shipping charges inside the US (lower 48 states) only. You would need to request a delivered price it you would like delivery elsewhere.

“We all love our new Air Trak. The kids all beg to be on it. It is an invaluable tumbling, vault and beam skill trainer.” - Jason J. Orkowski, Gymfinity Gymnastics
Air Trak option 20' Air Trak - 20-AT
25' Air Trak - 25-AT (+$527.00)
30' Air Trak - 30-AT (+$872.00)
Price: $2,831.00
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AIREX (R) Balance Beam


Super-soft foam beam combines the qualities of the AIREX Balance Pad with a traditional balance beam. Trapezoid design allows beginners to use the wide side and advanced users the narrow side. Do not stand on while wearing shoes. Blue. 62" L x 8" W x 2 1/2" H. 3 lbs.
About Balance Beams - With their destabilizing properties, balance beams provide an unstable surface for improving balance, alignment, and proprioception. The longer the beam the greater the surface distance available for walking toe-to-heel and thus improving stabilization and coordination.
Price: $125.00
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AIREX® Balance Pad


Super-soft specialty foam has destabilizing properties. Body weight causes person to sink into soft mat creating instability. These are excellent for balance training for everyone from athletes to senior citizens.
You can use two Balance Pads (stacked) or use the pad atop a larger mat for even greater instability.
Airex Balance Pad Elite has a non-slip base to prevent it from sliding.
Stand on 1 or 2 legs and perform squats, lunges and reaching touches to improve strength and stability.
Stack two pads together for greater instability.
Closed-cell foam is Sanitized, does not absorb water, and is easy to wash.
The Balance Pad Elite has a nonslip backing. Do not stand on these while wearing shoes. Blue. 19" L x 16" W x 3" H. 2 lbs.
81001-RG Airex Balance Pad - RG $57
81001-ET Airex Balance Pad - ET (textured) $72

About Balance Pads -Balance pads have destabilizing properties, allowing you to add a challenge to push-ups, squats, lunges, and 1- and 2-legged balance movements. Use either a single pad or a pair of pads when exercising to improve balance, ankle/joint stability, strength, stamina, differentiation, and coordination. Also ideal for rehabilitation.
Choose Airex Balance Pad (regular) 81001-RG
Airex Balance Pad Elite (textured) 81001-ET (+$15.00)
Price: $57.00
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Twist and roll to target different muscles. Akrowheels help to strengthen the core and tone and stretch the upper body and abs. Suited to most fitness levels, these rubber nonslip, nonmarking wheels have tension on the axle that adjusts for training on all types of surfaces and performing different levels of fitness or sport-related exercise. Sold in pairs only, though they can be used individually. Padded neoprene handles. Includes workout DVD. Professional grade tested up to 225 lbs. 12"L x 6"H. One-year limited warranty. Aqua & gray.
Price: $50.00
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Alpha Rocker by AAI


New in 2016! The Alpha Rocker by AAI is designed to improve the gymnast balance techniques with four rocker adjustments that allows for less to more balance adjustments as needed by the gymnast training ability. Now available at a low introductory price!
Free Shipping inside the US (lower 48 states). Click 'Details' for more photos.
Price: $200.00
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