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Booster Blocks


The Booster Blocks ( 48"L x 18"W x 8"H) are another great example of Tumbl Trak’s “Smart Mat Technology”.
The Booster Blocks have special Velcro placement along the edges connected side-by-side, end-to-end or on top of one another. They are useful as spotting blocks and training stations for beam, tumbling and vaulting. The Booster Blocks make great plyometric/warm up stations and countless other uses around the gym.

" The Booster Blocks are very convenient for standing on when spotting due to the security of the Velcro. Also, the kids stand on them to jump up onto a bar and they are good for beam mounts on the high beams. I especially like them because they can "stick" to the floor and won't slide around." - Chelsey Campbell, Director of Motion Evolution

All materials meet CSPIA standards. Designed in the USA.
Price shown
includes shipping within the lower 48 US states.
See more
here (PDF page).

Price: $195.00
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Border Wedge Section


Enhance any spring floor with our 6' x 18' carpeted sectional spring floor border wedges. Carpeted crosslink polyethylene top layer laminated to a 100 ILD polyurethane base provides comfortable firm footing. Border wedges attach securely to main floor area with Hook and Loop fastener system (included). All corners are expertly & accurately mitred. Wedges taper from 6.5" to 1.25".

*Spring floor heights vary depending on foam and wood sizes. Please indicate the exact height of your spring floor (from bottom of the spring to top of Carpet Bonded Foam) when ordering in the Comments section when you place your order.  Your order can not be processed without this information. We will manufacture wedges to meet your floor's height.
*Available in your choice of red or blue carpet. UPS Shipping included! (for continental US - lower 48 states). These normally ship in about four weeks.

Choose Border Color Red
Price: $135.00
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BOSU Ballast Ball


New weighted stability ball! This stability ball has 2 1/2 lbs. of unstable weight inside it, so it doesn't roll away when you're exercising. You can perform traditional stability ball exercises plus design new exercise sequences. It's a total-body training tool that's more versatile and easier to use than a traditional stability ball. Customize the size by inflating to 55 cm or 65 cm. 6 unique designs on the ball's surface provide points of reference for exercise techniques and cuing. Lift it, shift it, shake it-together the ball and the weighted material create dynamic resistance and audible feedback. You can even use it like a medicine ball. Includes foot pump, manual and workout DVD. Translucent blue.

Price: $60.00
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BOSU Pro Balance Trainer


Both sides up! Use either the curved or flat side of this multifunctional core training device to integrate balance into every aspect of fitness, sports performance, or rehabilitation. The BOSU Balance Trainer adds versatility and challenge to an incredible range of activities: cardio, strength training, athletic and sport conditioning, core training, and mind/body workouts. Combine it with other equipment to add new, exciting elements to existing training regimens.
Made of commercial grade materials, designed for durability. The platform is molded for extra strength. This model has the PRO logo detail for easy identification and a smooth but non-marking, non-skid base.
> 70284 is a kit that includes BOSU Integrated Balance Training Programming Guide (120 pages) and a DVD (60 minute).
One year commercial warranty. Dark Blue with gray base. Proudly made in the USA.
This item does not ship to Canada or Internationally.
Choose BOSU Pro Balance Trainer Only (70283)
BOSU Pro Balance Trainer w/ DVD and Book (70284) (+$10.00)
Price: $160.00
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BOSU Racks and Class Quantities


Organize and store up to 14 BOSU  Pro Balance Trainers. One or two-column racks has locking casters for mobility and storage. Fits through standard doorways. Welded steel construction. Assembly required.
70293 is the Small Rack (only) - which holds up to 8 of the BOSU Trainers.
70294 is the Small Rack with 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (Ships via Motor Freight).
70290 is the Large Rack (only) - which holds up to 14 of the BOSU Trainers.
70279 is the Large Rack with 14 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (Ships via Motor Freight).
Shipping is included in the prices shown below (inside the US - lower 48 states only).
70293 Small Rack for BOSU Balance Trainers (only) $195
70294 Small Rack with 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers $1,200
70290 Large Rack for BOSU Balance Trainers (only) $245
70279 Large Rack with 14 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers $2,270
Choose Small Rack Only (70293)
Small Rack & 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (70278) (+$1,005.00)
Large Rack Only (70290) (+$50.00)
Large Rack & 14 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (70279) (+$2,075.00)
Price: $195.00
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Boulder™ Handspring Trainer


This original handspring trainer is changing the way back handsprings are taught and learned. The unique flat base provides stability and ensures The Boulder remains stationary until set in motion by the user. Not only does it require students to start progression from a preferred upright standing position, but The Boulder alleviates beginners' reflexive fear of leaping backwards into the air.
Its curved top provides a comfortable platform to support and position students throughout entire stretched arch/flight stage. Unique design (US Patent Pending) prevents The Boulder handspring trainer from over rotation so it won't prematurely eject user like some other devices. The Boulder handspring trainer always returns to its starting position ready for use.
Available in three sizes to accommodate everyone (see chart). The Boulder is covered with durable 18 oz. vinyl and filled with a solid core of polyurethane foam.

Stands ready for use and automatically returns to proper position after each use.
Introduces a unique design which properly supports user throughout the full motion.
Begins rolling only when user correctly transfers weight.
Encourages user to ‘snap down'.
Does not prematurely eject user.
Never rolls over or on top of user.

Every Boulder™ is handcrafted with great attention to detail.
prices below include shipping inside the US (48 contiguous states) -- Two larger sizes must ship via motor freight. If you would like two or more, contact us for a delivered price. The freight cost would be less!

With the optional Holder, the Boulder can be used as a mini-Vault station.

JL-125 Small Trainer, 25" ships via UPS $428
JL-135 Medium Boulder, 35" ships via Motor Freight $724
JL-140 Large Boulder, 40" ships via Motor Freight $840
JL-125&H Small Boulder w/Holder, 25" ships via UPS $496
JL-135&H Medium Boulder w/Holder, 35" ships via Motor Freight $773
JL-140&H Large Boulder w/Holder, 40" ships via Motor Freight $909
The JL-125 is recommended for tumblers up to 50" in height.
The JL-135 is recommended for tumblers 50-60" in height.
The JL-140 is recommended for tumblers 60" and up in height.
These are now available in your team colors! Just click on 'Details' to see examples.
Just let us know which (2) colors in the Comments section as you check out. If no colors are mentioned, our (random) regular colors will be the default. May take 8 weeks to ship. Custom colors are available.

Size Boulder Small (JL-125)
Medium (JL-135) (+$296.00)
Large (JL-140) (+$412.00)
Small with Holder (JL-125&H) (+$68.00)
Medium with Holder (JL-135&H) (+$345.00)
Large with Holder (JL-140&H) (+$481.00)
Price: $428.00
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Brick Stack


The Stack of Bricks Spotting block consists of two 24”’ high spotting blocks that can be secured together to make a 48” high block. Great for use anywhere in the gym, and you’ll always be able to find the Stack of Bricks when you need them. Size: 24"W x 48"L x 48"H (combined).  Shipping is not included with the above pricing.
Request Freight Quote
Price: $740.00
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Bungee Ramp


Now allowed by USAG for level 1-4 vaulting, the Bungee Ramp can be used for a hand or foot takeoff creating a quick response.

It can also attach to the Bungee Mat for an easy approach. Since each unit weighs less than 20 pounds, they are very easy to move. The Bungee Ramp can take the place of a vault board or mini tramp for young athletes (100 lbs or less), or as the top of a vault trainer to increase repulsion off the hands.

Unit inflates with the Magic Air Blower that can be added as an optional accessory. Or, simply use a reversible shop vac that you may already have on hand. ALL BUNGEE PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. If used outside, warranty will be voided. All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.
Or price is 10% off suggested retail! Price shown is the delivered cost inside the US (48 states).
Price: $840.00
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C - Crayon-Pencil Balance Beam


Let kids imagine they live in a giant's world while they learn balance and coordination. What child doesn't like to walk or balance on a curb? Great for early gymnasts, too! Lightweight but firm enough to hold an adult. 6 1/2' long x 10" wide at the base with a 4" wide training top. Low to the ground. Only 7" tall and weighs just 10 lbs. Washable and durable for years to come. A colorful, fun asset to any gym -- and a kid magnet. Be a kid again with the Crayon or Pencil Balance Beam. Crayon Beams are available in Red, Green or Blue. Price includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48). Alternative colors (orange, yellow, pink & purple) are available at the $241. These normally ship in 3 to 4 weeks.

List Price: $260.00
Price: $223.00
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C - Floor Bar (48")


The Floor Bar can be used in many creative ways with other Tumbl Trak products where “bounce to HS” drills can be practiced.
The metal base of Tumbl Trak's Floor Bar, allows for Velcro to be attached, so that it remains stable when used on appropriate carpet, for more active handstand drills.

Gaining handstand control is a very important skill, for beginners, up through advanced gymnasts. To practice control of the handstand, which is probably the most essential skill in gymnastics, using the floor bar is less stressful on athletes wrists. Shipping is included in this price (inside the US - 48 mainland states).

If a station is set up so that athletes cannot touch their feet or hips to a wall while working handstand control, it will isolate their core area, so they can feel, and learn to control it.
Other products that can make up these stations include the Air Barrel, the Bungee Ramp, the Bungee Incline, and the Jr Bungee Block.
All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA. Usually ships in about 1 week.
Price: $190.00
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