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Launch Pad with Cover


Remember those old jogger tramps for drills? Here’s a newer, better product that’s lighter and easier to use! The Launch Pad is a thicker, bouncier and more powerful version of the Sweet Spot. With its 5” high base, and 3’ x 4’ size, the Launch Pad is a great portable training device for young tumblers or vaulters. It’s useful in a wide variety of drills and progressions. It can help with round-offs, handsprings, back tucks, standing fulls, front saltos and vaulting forward and backwards. It features a strong denim cover with a target design and non-skid material on the bottom. 
price includes shipping inside the US (lower 48 states). SPECIFICATIONS: 3’ wide x 4’ long x 5” high. Two-year warranty on material and workmanship. To see more about this Air Cushion Technology see this page.
List Price: $655.00
Price: $630.00
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Mini Mountain


The Mini Mountain was designed with the "Four Fun Food Groups" in mind: bouncing, climbing, sliding and tunneling. Each unit includes a built-in tunnel, cargo net and climbing rope.
While fun is bound to occur when using the Mini Mountain, when attached to the end of the Air Trak it provides a safe backstop or useful handstand training station for class as well. (The Mini Mountain is commonly attached to an Air Trak. The Air Trak is not included.)  Make this piece the next addition to your Air Trak and add a little "Mountain Mania" to your facility. Blower is not included. It can use the same blower as your Air Trak. You must have an Air Trak to use the Mini Mountain.
WARRANTY: 2 years. Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks. Price shown includes shipping.

Price: $2,015.00
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You couldn’t ask for a more versatile, multi-functional piece of equipment. The Orbiter is a combination of the 42” long Air Barrel and a pair of firm foam rings.
With Booster Blocks, the Orbiter is “one size fits all.” It can be used for back handsprings, front handsprings, round offs, back tucks and much more. When the foam rings are taken off, it becomes a rec. or preschool coaches dream. Between the Air Barrel, Cradles and foam rings, a coach can have endless options and easily three or more stations for their athletes. If you already own an Air Barrel you can purchase the Orbiter Rings separately.

Prod ID Description


Obt-12 Orbiter (with hand pump) Shipping Included! $850
MD-45 Orbiter Rings Shipping Included! $600
BB-34 Booster Block (48" x 18" x 8") Shipping Included! $195

Learn more about the Booster Blocks: here 

Orbiter options Orbiter (Air Barrel, Rings, Hand Pump) obt-12
Orbiter Rings Only (four half-donuts) MD-45 ($-250.00)
Booster Block Only (48" x 18" x 8") BB-34 ($-655.00)
Price: $850.00
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Sweet Spot


Hit the mark with the Sweet Spot! The Sweet Spot is a training aid that improves rebound off your hands and feet.
A bouncier substitute for traditional sting mats, the Sweet Spot’s small size makes it easy to use around the gym, enhancing stations already set up in your gym. The optional Denim cover features a denim top, a non-skid bottom and loops with straps to attach to other equipment. Suede cover also available.
The Hand Placement Mat is a variation of the original Sweet Spot. It is only 2" thick, which allows it to be placed in front of the vault board and used for round-off entry drills. The markings on the Hand Mat act as visual aids for hand placement (Not intended for use on hard surfaces.)
SPECIFICATIONS: 36” wide x 47” long x 3” thick. The new Hand Mat is 2" thick (same width and length). All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.
Shipping is included with these prices (inside the US - lower 48 states).
Prod ID Item


SS3644-c Sweet Spot (36"W x 48"L x 3"H) with Denim cover


SCS3644-c Sweet Spot (36"W x 48"L x 3"H) with Suede cover


SS24-c Jr. Sweet Spot with cover (24"W x 48"L x 2"H)


SHM-342 Suede Hand Placement Mat (36"W x 48"L x 2"H


"The Sweet Spot and Jr. Sweet Spot can be used in conjunction with a periodization program to minimize the need for wrist supports and the risk of over use injuries. I have not observed a translation problem for my athletes as they move between the Sweets Spot on the vault and with them off the vault". -- Don McPherson, Aerials Gymnastics  

Choose yours! Sweet Spot w/Denim Cover (SS-3644-c)
Sweet Spot w/SuedeCover (SCS-3644-c) (+$26.00)
Junior Sweet Spot w/cover (SS24-c) ($-3.00)
Suede Hand Placement Mat (SHM342) (+$26.00)
Price: $399.00
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The Catcher


Attached to the end of an Air Trak or Tumbl Trak™ or used by itself, the Catcher offers a very forgiving landing area that can be adjusted in height by adding foam mats to its 14” high base.

The inflated sides allow the Catcher to be a very safe landing surface for many tumbling skills, as well as a PORTABLE landing area for other gymnastic events such as bar, beam and vaulting. Each unit runs from a high-output, constant flow blower (not included). Price shown is your delivered price (inside the US - lower 48 states only).

SPECIFICATIONS: 9’ wide x 14’ long x 14” high, raised sides are 30” high.


List Price: $1,915.00
Price: $1,870.00
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