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AIREX (R) Balance Beam


Super-soft foam beam combines the qualities of the AIREX Balance Pad with a traditional balance beam. Trapezoid design allows beginners to use the wide side and advanced users the narrow side. Do not stand on while wearing shoes. Blue. 62" L x 8" W x 2 1/2" H. 3 lbs.
About Balance Beams - With their destabilizing properties, balance beams provide an unstable surface for improving balance, alignment, and proprioception. The longer the beam the greater the surface distance available for walking toe-to-heel and thus improving stabilization and coordination.
Price: $125.00
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AIREX® Balance Pad


Super-soft specialty foam has destabilizing properties. Body weight causes person to sink into soft mat creating instability. These are excellent for balance training for everyone from athletes to senior citizens.
You can use two Balance Pads (stacked) or use the pad atop a larger mat for even greater instability.
Airex Balance Pad Elite has a non-slip base to prevent it from sliding.
Stand on 1 or 2 legs and perform squats, lunges and reaching touches to improve strength and stability.
Stack two pads together for greater instability.
Closed-cell foam is Sanitized, does not absorb water, and is easy to wash.
The Balance Pad Elite has a nonslip backing. Do not stand on these while wearing shoes. Blue. 19" L x 16" W x 3" H. 2 lbs.
81001-RG Airex Balance Pad - RG $57
81001-ET Airex Balance Pad - ET (textured) $72

About Balance Pads -Balance pads have destabilizing properties, allowing you to add a challenge to push-ups, squats, lunges, and 1- and 2-legged balance movements. Use either a single pad or a pair of pads when exercising to improve balance, ankle/joint stability, strength, stamina, differentiation, and coordination. Also ideal for rehabilitation.
Choose Airex Balance Pad (regular) 81001-RG
Airex Balance Pad Elite (textured) 81001-ET (+$15.00)
Price: $57.00
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Balance Mat


This soft and durable mat provides an excellent surface for standing, seated, or lying exercises designed for enhancing balance or stabilization. Perfect for stabilizing push-ups, plank holds, and various horizontal balance training exercises. Made of soft closed-cell foam with a vinyl coating. Store flat. Blue. 70" L x 29" W x 3" H. 15 lbs. This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Estimated ship time is 4 to 6 weeks.
Price: $160.00
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Bongo™ Balance Board


This advanced balance training tool simulates lateral and radial movements, making it ideal for performing more complex proprioceptive exercises. Birch wood with slip-resistant top. Features double bearing polyurethane wheels with safety strap. Wheel glides along the under side of the board while you balance above. Use helps build improved balance and coordination. Greater stability for injury prevention. Increased leg and ankle R.O.M. Requires more core and upper body strength. Improves posture.
These exciting new balance boards and balance trainers are used by extreme athletes, skateboarders, wakeboarders and Physical Therapists to help retrain injured ankles and knees.  Get your balance training board and beat your competition.
31" L x 8" W x 6" H. 9 lbs. Price shown includes shipping (regular UPS inside the US - lower 48 states).
Price: $145.00
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BOSU Pro Balance Trainer


Both sides up! Use either the curved or flat side of this multifunctional core training device to integrate balance into every aspect of fitness, sports performance, or rehabilitation. The BOSU Balance Trainer adds versatility and challenge to an incredible range of activities: cardio, strength training, athletic and sport conditioning, core training, and mind/body workouts. Combine it with other equipment to add new, exciting elements to existing training regimens.
Made of commercial grade materials, designed for durability. The platform is molded for extra strength. This model has the PRO logo detail for easy identification and a smooth but non-marking, non-skid base.
> 70284 is a kit that includes BOSU Integrated Balance Training Programming Guide (120 pages) and a DVD (60 minute).
One year commercial warranty. Dark Blue with gray base. Proudly made in the USA.
This item does not ship to Canada or Internationally.
Choose BOSU Pro Balance Trainer Only (70283)
BOSU Pro Balance Trainer w/ DVD and Book (70284) (+$10.00)
Price: $160.00
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BOSU Racks and Class Quantities


Organize and store up to 14 BOSU  Pro Balance Trainers. One or two-column racks has locking casters for mobility and storage. Fits through standard doorways. Welded steel construction. Assembly required.
70293 is the Small Rack (only) - which holds up to 8 of the BOSU Trainers.
70294 is the Small Rack with 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (Ships via Motor Freight).
70290 is the Large Rack (only) - which holds up to 14 of the BOSU Trainers.
70279 is the Large Rack with 14 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (Ships via Motor Freight).
Shipping is included in the prices shown below (inside the US - lower 48 states only).
70293 Small Rack for BOSU Balance Trainers (only) $195
70294 Small Rack with 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers $1,200
70290 Large Rack for BOSU Balance Trainers (only) $245
70279 Large Rack with 14 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers $2,270
Choose Small Rack Only (70293)
Small Rack & 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (70278) (+$1,005.00)
Large Rack Only (70290) (+$50.00)
Large Rack & 14 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers (70279) (+$2,075.00)
Price: $195.00
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Cheer - Fly Right


NEW! If you want your cheerleader to be able to SAFELY practice on the most realistic piece of cheer stunting equipment, then look no further than the FLY RIGHT! Balance is the key to a strong, SAFE stunt! Cheerleaders and coaches love the realistic movement the flyer experiences as he or she trains on the patented design which uses springs.

The FLY RIGHT is an investment in your cheerleader’s future! Your cheerleader can practice SAFELY without a stunt group or coach! The FLY RIGHT is the only PATENTED stunt training stand available!
The price compares to what you pay for a uniform each year, but the FLY RIGHT will last for years! Many of our customers tell us they have tried other stands, but none of them give them the realistic feel of stunting like the FLY RIGHT!

Shipping is included (inside the US 48 contiguous states).

Unique features:
- Height adjustable to experience a higher elevation of stunting
12” height for beginner flyers
15” height for intermediate flyers
18” height for experienced flyers

- Challenges flyer to balance
- Made of durable metal
- Non-slip foot rest and base
- Available in 2 colors: shiny black and hot pink
- Realistic movement due to patented spring design
- Affordable compared to private lessons

Fly Right Color Hot Pink
Price: $275.00
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Our largest inflatable disc! Extra-large 24" diameter disc offers versatility by maximizing total-body balance training for beginners as well as advanced users. Surface is wide enough to stand with feet shoulder-width apart. It targets the large muscle groups and the auxiliary stabilizing muscles that often are overlooked during workouts. Soft PVC. Red. 24" diameter x 7" H. 6 lbs. Ships deflated. Air pumps sold separately.
Price: $50.00
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F - Balance Discs


This concept in cheerleading and balance beam training is a simple and affordable tool for balance training.
The heavy duty, air-cushion is 14” across and 2-3” high. The firmness can be adjusted by inflating and deflating with a ball needle bike pump (not included). Learning to recover is a big part of balance beam training or cheerleading stunting (flyers). Working on your body waves and single leg scales lets you strengthen support muscles and develop recovery strategies. Balance Discs have been used for many years by physical therapists for conditioning, therapy and rehab of ankles, wrists, shoulders, etc. Learning to keep and regain your balance is a big part of balance beam or stunting success. Practicing on a solid firm beam is very difficult, but on Balance Discs you are are always in a precarious state, working your body waves and single leg scales lets you strengthen these support muscles and develop recovery strategies. Cheer Bases can also be much like Balance Discs, a bit on the shaky side, and using Balance Discs helps flyers to develop strategies for maintaining balance.
Insert a bicycle tire/basketball pump needle into the black rubber opening of the Balance Disc. Pump until you reach the desired Balance Disc training firmness. To remove air from your Balance Disc, insert just the needle from your pump into the black rubber opening of the Balance Disc and gently squeeze the Balance Disc. Price includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48).
Price: $39.00
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Indo Board Original Trainer


The Indo Board Original Training Package is the simplest model to learn on offering hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities. The basic goal is to ride the Indo Board as long as possible without touching the ground. Designed for fun while exercising the core muscle involved in balance. You can learn all the moves you want on this model. Beginners benefit from the stability, which imparts confidence for a fast and fun learning curve. Proficient riders enjoy the large surface area providing plenty of room to move and walk on. The mouth inflatable IndoFLO® Balance Cushion is used as an alternative to the roller. You can adjust the degree of instability on the cushion with the level of inflation. 
Consists of 30" x 18" deck, (natural only - 250 pound weight capacity), 6.5" diameter roller, 14 inch diameter polyvinyl cushion (mouth inflatable).

Price: $180.00
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