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Ankle Weights


These pro strength ankle weights are a must for the serious gymnast or cheerleader. Weights improve strength, stamina and amplitude with regular use. Add 2.5 lb. of weight to each leg (or arm) for awesome results. The unique design of these soft, fabric-covered weights make them suitable for wearing around the ankle or on the wrist. Velcro closures. One size fits most.
These 2 1/2 pound weights are $29.50 per pair.
Weight / Color 2.5 pounds Black (pair)
Price: $29.50
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Cho Pat Achilles Tendon Strap


This strap is widely used across the country by many in the sports/medicine profession. Use of the ChoPat Achilles Tendon Strap helps gymnasts, cheerleaders, basketball, volleyball and soccer players as well as golfers and other athletes involved in running/jumping sports, by reducing discomfort during the push-off phase of gait. Sold Singly.
  • Designed to provide effective relief from pain and discomfort in conjunction with other forms of therapy, this strap helps individuals return to daily activities.
  • This product is Latex, Neoprene and Rubber free and is a 5-layer system consisting of: Cerex Core, Two layers of foam and Two layers of outer cloth covering
  • For sizing measure Circumference at the Widest portion of the ankle. If your measurement falls between two sizes, go up to the next size up.
  • Small (below 10.5") Black / Medium (10.5"-11.5") Tan / Large (11.5" and above) Tan
Price: $22.00
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Cramer Double Strap Ankle Support


The 325 Ankle Support is designed to provide excellent support by compressing the ankle complex with the Nylon/Lycra® Spandex sock. Additional support is provided with the two attached straps that are wrapped in opposite directions around the ankle complex and are held firmly in place with hook and loop fasteners. The 325 compresses the ankle enough to easily fit into the athlete’s shoe. Fits either the left or right ankle. Size by ankle circumference. Sold only as singles. D-325
XS -- 6" to 7"
S -- 7" to 8"
M -- 8" to 9.5"
L -- 9.5" to 11"
XL -- 11" & up
Price: $29.00
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F - Balance Discs


This concept in cheerleading and balance beam training is a simple and affordable tool for balance training.
The heavy duty, air-cushion is 14” across and 2-3” high. The firmness can be adjusted by inflating and deflating with a ball needle bike pump (not included). Learning to recover is a big part of balance beam training or cheerleading stunting (flyers). Working on your body waves and single leg scales lets you strengthen support muscles and develop recovery strategies. Balance Discs have been used for many years by physical therapists for conditioning, therapy and rehab of ankles, wrists, shoulders, etc. Learning to keep and regain your balance is a big part of balance beam or stunting success. Practicing on a solid firm beam is very difficult, but on Balance Discs you are are always in a precarious state, working your body waves and single leg scales lets you strengthen these support muscles and develop recovery strategies. Cheer Bases can also be much like Balance Discs, a bit on the shaky side, and using Balance Discs helps flyers to develop strategies for maintaining balance.
Insert a bicycle tire/basketball pump needle into the black rubber opening of the Balance Disc. Pump until you reach the desired Balance Disc training firmness. To remove air from your Balance Disc, insert just the needle from your pump into the black rubber opening of the Balance Disc and gently squeeze the Balance Disc. Price includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48).
Price: $39.00
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Gel Brace


This double function gel brace provides support and comfort for injured ankles. When used as a support brace, helps prevent inversion sprains without restricting movement during activity. Upper chamber is air filled, conforms to calf. The lower chamber is gel filled to mold to the ankle for a custom fit and to provide cold therapy. One size fits all.
Price: $28.00
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Maxflex Ankle Brace


This lace-up brace is designed with a high-cut front and narrow bottom for maximum foot movement while providing protection against inversion sprains with two sets of medical steel springs. The full back elastic makes for Achilles tendon comfort. White. Sold singly.
5 to 6" -- XXS
6 to 7" -- XS
7 to 8" -- S
8 to 9.5" -- M
Price: $31.50
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Prostretch Unilateral


ProStretch's unique stretching system makes stretching for vault, beam, floor or any other gym sport a breeze. Ankles account for a high percentage of gymnastic and cheerleading injuries. PROSTRETCH is scientifically designed to correctly warm up your muscles and improve your flexibility, thereby minimizing the risk or injury.
Prostretch™ is used both before and after exercise to reduce the risk of injury and to increase flexibility, range of motion and performance. It gives the proper support for controlled stretching. Reaches tough spots like the achilles tendon and the plantar fascia. Keep a PROSTRETCH in your gym. Sold singly.
Price: $31.50
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VersaBalance Board


Versatile 2-in-1 balance board lets you select between 2 degrees of difficulty to target any skill level, making it perfect for group settings! Height adjusts quickly and easily from 2 1/4" to 3 1/2" with a pop-on adapter. Notches around edge allow you to incorporate tubing.

High-quality PVC. Black. 16 1/2" diam.
Price: $40.00
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