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A - Parallel Blocks


Designed to make learning a less painful process. White stripes along two edges of each cover visually represent P-bar rails. Although developed as a men’s bar trainer, these 48"L X 28"W X 40"H blocks are useful for a variety of other purposes in both men's & women's programs.

Firm polyethylene foam layer bonded to all four sides of the 100 ILD polyfoam core provides a stable surface in all horizontal configurations. Norbert’s makes Parallel Block covers from 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester; seams are double stitched and 2" wide heavy webbing handles attached to ends for easy positioning.

Available in  royal blue, red, light blue, green, orange or yellow. Request a Quote.
$1,225 + Motor Freight. Priced per pair.
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Booster Blocks


The Booster Blocks ( 48"L x 18"W x 8"H) are another great example of Tumbl Trak’s “Smart Mat Technology”.
The Booster Blocks have special Velcro placement along the edges connected side-by-side, end-to-end or on top of one another. They are useful as spotting blocks and training stations for beam, tumbling and vaulting. The Booster Blocks make great plyometric/warm up stations and countless other uses around the gym.

" The Booster Blocks are very convenient for standing on when spotting due to the security of the Velcro. Also, the kids stand on them to jump up onto a bar and they are good for beam mounts on the high beams. I especially like them because they can "stick" to the floor and won't slide around." - Chelsey Campbell, Director of Motion Evolution

All materials meet CSPIA standards. Designed in the USA.
Price shown
includes shipping within the lower 48 US states.
See more
here (PDF page).

Price: $195.00
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Brick Stack


The Stack of Bricks Spotting block consists of two 24”’ high spotting blocks that can be secured together to make a 48” high block. Great for use anywhere in the gym, and you’ll always be able to find the Stack of Bricks when you need them. Size: 24"W x 48"L x 48"H (combined).  Shipping is not included with the above pricing.
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Price: $740.00
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Panel Blocks


If you currently use panel mats as blocks, We have a space and money saving alternative: 3 new blocks, each the same size as our 3 most popular folding panel mats when folded! Filled with high-density polyurethane, topped with crosslink for stable footing and covered with tough 18 oz. coated vinyl fabric. Random colors.

 Panel Blocks
PB-408 Panel Block 2' x 4' x 6" -- Shipping included* $195
PB-510 Panel Block 2' x 5' x 8" -- Shipping included* $255
PB-612 Panel Block 2' x 6' x 10" -- Request Freight Quote $265

Usually takes 8 weeks to ship

Choose Block 24" x 48" x 6" PB-408
24" x 60" x 8" PB-510 (+$60.00)
Price: $195.00
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Plyo Blocks


Plyo Blocks provide a great plyometrics training platform by expertly combining superior stability, durability and portability.  Blocks consist of solid foam (2" layers of resilient crosslink on top and bottom of a firm polystyrene core) covered with our tough vinyl. All blocks are 30" long x 24" wide and include 2" hook and loop fastener flaps on long sides for secure stacking. We offer four individual heights (6", 12", 18" and 24") as well as a deluxe set consisting of one block of each size. You can get these in the color of your choice. Normally, we recommend with black top and bottom; but choose from any of our standard colors at no additional cost. These normally ship in 4 to 5 weeks.

Item ID



PB-6 Plyo Block (6" x 24" x 30")


PB-12 Plyo Block (12" x 24" x 30")


PB-18 Plyo Block (18" x 24" x 30")



Plyo Block (24" x 30" x 24")


PB-50 Plyo Blocks (Full Set - of the 4 above)


Shipping is not included.  Request a delivered price.


Price: $150.00
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Sectional Blocks


We sew hook and loop fasteners to the tops and bottoms of our 18 oz. coated vinyl Sectional Block covers so you can connect 2, 3 or even 4 together. Nylon webbing handles enable convenient moving and configuring. Filled with a combination of polyethylene over firm 100 ILD polyfoam for sturdy support. Buy one of each size to create a 3-level award stand & SAVE MONEY!!!!
G-873 Spot Block 24"W x 36"L x 12"H 20 lbs $255
G-874 Spot Block 24"W x 36"L x 18"H 25 lbs $317
G-876 Spot Block 24"W x 36"L x 24"H 30 lbs $378

Award Stand Discount

G-877 Spot Block Set - All three sizes   $920
Free Shipping within continental US (lower 48 states). These normally ship in 8-9 weeks.
Block size 12" Block (G-873)
18" Block (G-874) (+$62.00)
24" Block (G-876) (+$123.00)
Set of 3 Blocks (G-877) (+$665.00)
Price: $255.00
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Sectional Blocks 2.0


Our new Sectional Blocks 2.0 six-piece suite enables an array of multiple configurations and uses limited only by your imagination.
Sectional Block 2.0 sets consist of the following:
  • Three 8" x 24" x 14" blocks
  • Two 8" x 24" x 21" blocks
  • One 8" x 24" x 42" block
All are color coded by size for easy identification. The Sectional Blocks 2.0 are covered with tough 18 oz coated vinyl fabric and filled with a combination of crosslink polyethylene encasing a firm 100 ILD prime polyurethane foam core.  Nylon webbing handles are provided for easy transport and placement. Price shown includes shipping inside the mainland US. Normally ships in about 4 to 5 weeks.
G-879 - in Primary Colors
G-879B - in Bright Pastels (see them on 'Details' page)
Color Primary Colors
Bright Pastels
Price: $745.00
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Spot Block 2' x 3' x 4'


We call it a Spot Block because you can use it to spot or when you need something (another vaulting box, perhaps) on the spot. Measuring 2' x 3' x 4', this Spot Block may be used on any side to achieve desired height. Extra-durable 18 oz. coated vinyl cover has nylon webbing handles to make positioning easy. 100 ILD polyfoam core is encased on all four sides with firm polyethylene for added stability. Available in royal blue, red, light blue, green, orange, or yellow. Price does not include shipping -- Request a quote!
G-875 24"W x 48"L x 36"H

45 lbs

$489 + motor freight.
Normally ships in about 8 weeks.
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Used together for beginning vaulting or apart for other activities, the trapezoid has been a useful gymnastics tool for many years. Offers each of the four graduated sections of 100ILD polyfoam with a firm top layer of crosslink foam for unmatched life and stability. Sections fasten securely together with hook and loop fastener flaps on long sides. 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester covers have webbing handles so each section can be handled easily. See the new "Tri-Top" option (click 'Details'). Colors available: royal blue or multi-color. Made in U.S.A.
G-881 Three Sections Trapezoid $825
G-881T Three Sections Trapezoid w/Triple Top $895
G-880 Four Sections Trapezoid $1,175
G-880T Four Sections Trapezoid w/Triple Top $1,245
This item must ship via motor freight (not included above).
Request a delivered price!

These normally ship in about 8 weeks of your order.
Color Rainbow
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Urban Acro Stacking Block


The Urban Acro block is a multi-use spotting and acrobatic block. The dimensions and hook and loop fastener design allows multiple configurations for training in urban environment simulations. These blocks also serve general use in gymnastics spotting applications.  All flaps tuck away when not in use. Filled with our exclusive super high density cross link/polystyrene combination filler. Sold individually.- $794 each.
Each block measures 58"L x 29"W x 40"H Grey Color is the default color, but other colors are available. Must ship via motor freight - Request a Quote
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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