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End Deck & End Deck Accessories
End Deck & End Deck Accessories
> End Decks are designed to help prevent injuries by adding an extended, soft safety area at the end of the trampoline. This system requires an End Deck Mat that is 6' x 10' x 8". Fits most competitive trampolines. Dimensions 5'10" x 8'6" x 2". 
> Mat for End Deck: Mats designed to go on top of the End Decks. End Deck Mat that is 6' x 10' x 8". 
> Wedge for End Deck: Designed to sit on top of the trampoline end deck frame and connects to the end deck mat with velcro flap. 1' x 10' x 7" each. 
RAS-ED - End Deck $1,127
RAS-EDM - End Deck Mat $1,064
RAS-EDW - End Deck Wedge $300 
(Shipping is not included.)
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