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Landing Mats - 20 cm
Landing Mats - 20 cm
Expertly combining utility, aesthetics and quality, these 20cm mats have a top layer of 1.375" crosslink, to ensure maximum footing, supported by a 8.9cm (3.5") thick layer of prime 75 ILD polyfoam and a bottom layer of 7.62cm (3") of prime 36 ILD polyfoam for optimum energy absorption and compression - (total of 7 7/8" thickness). Covers are fabricated exclusively from rugged 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester; 2” wide nylon webbing handles are strategically placed for easy handling. All seams and attachments are stitched with strong dacron thread. All Competition Landing Mats have 4" wide Hook and Loop fasteners on the long sides for use under the uneven bars. Hook and Loop fasteners for long sides is available at an additional charge. Connector flaps may be ordered separately. Standard color is Royal Blue; other colors are also available at no additional charge. Mats made in your choice of non-standard colors may not be returned for full refund. Meets or exceeds existing specifications for competition equipment. Made in USA. Click 'Details' for more information.
These normally take 10 to 12 weeks to ship.
  Landing Mats 20 cm

Item ID



G-2507 Landing Mat (4' x 7'6" x 20cm) non-folding $405
G-2508 Landing Mat (5' x 7'6" x 20cm) non-folding $485
G-2612 Landing Mat (6' x 12' x 20cm) non-folding $899
G-2613 Landing Mat (6' x 12'  x 20cm) folding $995
G-2615 Landing Mat (6' x 15'6" x 20cm) non-folding $1,175
G-2617 Landing Mat (6' x 15'6" x 20cm) folding $1,249
G-2713 Landing Mat (7'6" x 12' x 20cm) folding $1,275
G-2715 Landing Mat (7'6" x 15'6" x 20cm) folding $1,535
G-2844 Landing Mat (8' x 12' x 20cm) folding $1,300
G-2847 Landing Mat (8' x 15'6" x 20cm) folding $1,625
G-2850 Landing Mat (8' x 18' x 20cm) folding $1,875

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