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5 in 1 Bar System
5 in 1 Bar System
FIVE different set-ups in 1 Bar System! (1) Single bar, (2) Double bar, (3) Mini Unevens, (4) P-bars, or (5) Multi-Use Fun/Wall Station, the 5-in-1 Bar System is big in ideas and uses for its small footprint. Each bar is adjustable from 38” to 59” and is stable enough for various swinging, hanging and strength skills.The 5-in-1 system is action packed as several learners can be engaged at one time. Supportive enough to strap a wall system. Add a Power Launch and floor bar for a full circuit work out! Packages available with a 8" Folding Practice Mat or Power Launch! Shipping is included! (for lower 48 states). See more detail by clicking on photo or 'Details'.


5 in 1 Bar System $975
5IN1-pkg1 5 in 1 Bar System with 4'x8'x8" Folding Mat $1,626
5IN1-pkg2 5 in 1 Bar System with Power Launch $1,927
Choose Package 5 in 1 Bar System (5IN1)
5 in 1 Bar System with 4' x 8' x 8" Folding Mat (5IN1-pkg1) (+$651.00)
5 in 1 Bar System with Power Launch (5IN1-pkg2) (+$952.00)
Price: $975.00
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