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Spring Floors (see Flooring 101 for general information about Spring Floors)


We are proud to offer one of the finest products in gym flooring available in the US. All your concerns have been addressed in creating this state-of-the-art floor.

  • Responsive - Many years of experience and feedback from coaches and tumblers have led us to the optimal materials to produce a floor that is fast and responsive for tumblers of all sizes. Panel thicknesses provide the proper balance for lively, reactive spring engagement.
  • Durable - We use high quality 3/8" (or 9mm) Baltic Birch on both the lower and upper plywood layers. The Baltic Birch is one of the strongest plywoods in the world and provides a much longer life for your floor than a pine plywood or OSB. The wood is the most important variable in the engagement of the springs and therefore the responsiveness of your floor.
  • Easy to install - We have made it so simple to install, you will be amazed at how quickly you can install your floor. We sell our floors as Mounted Spring Kits, which means that the American Power Springs are already fully mounted to the lower sections of decking and the velcro is already applied to all the panels. All you need to do is lay them down and cover with the foam/carpet product of your choice.
  • Fast turnaround - We can ship most floors or tumble strips in just a few days. This can vary slightly at peak times, but we consistantly have the quickest available in the industry -- without sacrificing great care for quality.
  • Price - Add to this great pricing and the choice is clear!
  • Warranty - The plywood panels are covered by a limited 5-year warranty from warping or breaking under normal use (cheer, gymnastics, martial arts and aerobics). For more detail, go here.

Floor Assembly

The above portrays the assembly process for a 10' x 10' floor, but the process is the same for all sizes.
You would just have more panels. Start in one corner and work toward the opposite corner.

Spring Floor Pricing

> Panels arrive with the American Power Springs already mounted and velcro applied (with staples and adhesive).
> The floor comes ready to lay directly into place.

> No tools are necessary - well, maybe some snips to cut the bands on the skid.
> We use 4" Velcro (not 2") for optimal attachment.
> All boards come cut to size, velcroed and well marked for assembly ease.
> Your floor is down and ready to perform in just minutes.
> We can provide any size of floor (to the nearest whole foot).

> We custom-make our skids to fit the 5' x 5' board size to assure stability and therefore a more secure transit.

We will be glad to provide you with a delivered price for your floor. Just give us the size you need along with your city and zip code and we will calculate your delivered cost. We will be glad to quote the foam, carpet or carpet bonded foam also if needed.

Skids of Springed Decking

Let us know what you'd like!




Get a Quote

on Your Spring Floor!

Or just give us a call at 859-881-0018. We are always eager to discuss our floors!

Skirting -- Another popular option is to use a floor skirting that velcros to the carpet bonded foam (9" wide vinyl). Great for all sizes of spring floors and tumble strips. You can purchase this in custom lengths at $2.60 per linear foot plus shipping. The standard sizes are priced below (These prices below include regular UPS shipping inside the continental US - lower 48 states.)
FS-142 One 42 linear feet strip $125
FS-154 One 54 linear feet strip $160
FS-160 One 60 linear feet strip $175
FS642 Skirting for full perimeter of a 6' x 42' floor $270
FS1242 Skirting for full perimeter of a 12' x 42' floor $300
FS1842 Skirting for full perimeter of a 18' x 42' floor $335
FS2442 Skirting for full perimeter of a 24' x 42' floor $368
FS3042 Skirting for full perimeter of a 30' x 42' floor $400
FS3642 Skirting for full perimeter of a 36' x 42' floor $430
FS4242 Skirting for full perimeter of a 42' x 42' floor $462
FS4254 Skirting for full perimeter of a 42' x 54' floor $525

> You can purchase Vinyl Floor Skirting - here.

> See other Border Options

Vinyl Floor Skirting

Available in Royal Blue, Light Blue, Black, Red, Green, Light Green, White, Orange, Tan, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Gray.

Foam Cheer Floors
Flexi-Roll or Carpet Bonded Foam
Spring Floors 101
What You Need to Know

Carpet and Foam (separately)

Spring Floors 101 Spring Floors Cheer Floors Foam & Carpet Tumble Strips Borders Request a Quote!
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